The Living Word of God

As I turned on a certain video on the internet, I immediately felt a presence. With my spiritual eyes I saw that it was as if it was snowing around me. Tiny particles of white light, with a subtle sparkling of the colors of the rainbow, was falling from above my head. Light as feathers and all silently they fell and brought a sense of profound peace.

I noticed that I was filled with this white, radiating “snow” and as wonderful as it was, I could have just quietly enjoyed it. But I am nosy when it comes to things like this, and I wondered “What is this?”. The words “I am the living word of God within you. I have come to breathe life in, through and around you” came to me.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess the term “the living word of God” is usually defined as the actual words in the Bible or other holy scriptures. But here I was experiencing the word as a living phenomena working in, through and around me.

I have to jump back in time a little bit, for you to understand the next thing that happened. For almost two weeks an angel, familiar to Uriel, had been standing on my right side. He held an oval shaped “sphere” of light in his hands, waiting for me to understand or do something with it. I tried to figure out what, but all I got was that it contained a “body of text”. I had no idea what to with it, so he kept standing there, day after day.

I realized that the snow probably was connected to this, so I looked to Uriel. Now the oval shaped “sphere” was filled with white, glowing letters, as in the alphabet. I looked around and I noticed that the “snow” had turned into white letters of light. ..and it was pouring down, inside and out! Then swirled around as snow in a winter storm.

Right in front of me a white dove took form. The swirling letters of light flew through the dove, like nothern lights dancing on the sky. After a while the dove came to rest in my heart, still with the flow of living words running through it. I didn’t even ask what it was doing there before the answer came: “You will need this to interpret the word”.

So there you are, that’s my testimony of the living word today, and I am excited to see what comes next!