The Veins of Hell

Today I asked God to help me in a situation. As a part of the answer I was shown a basic principle of the power battles on earth. The battle between good and evil is by no means only present in movies, it is constantly present in and around us. So the question is, will you be a hero in your movie, or will you compromise with the dark side?

As I closed my eyes a guard took me to a underground cave system. Everything was dark, dull and dirty, covered with what looked like coal dust. The guard held a rod in one hand and a lantern in the other. “What are we doing here? Where are we?” I asked, and the guard replied “Just watch”.

He lowered the lantern and pointed at two pipes next to each other on the ground. They were about 20 cm in diameter, and dark as coal. It was as if they were made of flesh, like snakes but hollow. I shuddered as I saw them. The guard put his palm close to one of the pipes. It lit up in a small area and I could see the content being pumped forth with a steady pulse. I realized it was some kind of veins.

The guard then started walking to the right through one of the many tunnels. He stopped as the tunnel ended in a ledge. He asked me to come and carefully look over the edge and down into the huge cave beneath. At the bottom of the cave I saw a large area of glowing, molten lava with burning flames here and there. I understood that this was a representation of hell and that the pipes were connected to it – like the veins of hell.

We went back to the little cave with the veins and I thought “OK, now what? Should I pray to have the veins cut?”. The guard started walking again, to the left this time. He followed the veins through a tunnel that led to the outside, the world we live in. The veins had branched and were about 1 cm in diameter out here. He showed how the veins of hell connected with ease to the spine of a human being, preferably the neck. Through one vein dark impulses was pumped into the brain to poison the mind, and as it did the other vein sucked out light, dreams, ideas, peace etc.

I was shown how the devil held a claw around that person’s heart, causing suffering and pain. The pain was then used to convince the person to act on the impulses of darkness and justify it by the pain. The pain caused by the devil, was in other words the same element he used to make the person his servant (or slave) …based on simple thoughts like “She hurt me, I have the¬†right to react and hurt her back”.

This way we all fall in the trap of serving the devil at times, some more than others. And when we do we create bad seeds that will, at some point, come back to us. But we have a choice, and the greatest battle is in our mind, as it can only happen if we permit it. We can choose not to believe or act on the impulses of darkness. We can go beyond pain, fear and anger and treat everyone good, even if they treat us bad. That might be hard, but it keeps us aligned with God and brings us closer to our victory.

We are not supposed to be passive and just suffer silently though, and in the next post I will share the tools we can use to defend our true rights :)