The Court of the Sacred Fire

I asked God to help me in a rough situation, and as a part of his answer he showed me the veins of hell and the following vision:

Before me I saw a crowd of heavenly hosts, about twenty or so. They were not angels but holy men and women serving God. I am not 100% sure, but I believe it was women there as well. They were all dressed in long robes and garments and it was a serious kind of peace surrounding them. As I approached them, they gently stepped to the side, one by one, and a majestic staircase appeared. At the top of the stairs was a large plateau with an enormous golden chalice or grail, about two meters high. In this chalice a magnificent white fire burned vividly. The translucent flames reached 1,5 meters up in the air and had a calmng freshness to them.

I started walking up the stairs, while the men and women stood respectfully on each side. For some reason I saw myself from behind as I walked up the stairsand to my surprise I looked like a funny, ragged, little nut with knee pads and akward kinds of protection as if I was wearing a home made elf-inspired rugby costume. It was most likely a sign of my attempt to defend myself in my own strength and handle the battlefields of earth. Anyway, as I reached the top, I washed myself in the flames. The fire did not burn, nor consume, and I could hold bits of it in my hand and play with it as if it was foam. I was purified by it and my entire appearance changed. Suddenly I looked like the others with long, white, draped garments and in my hand I held a golden torch with a small, white fire.

Then I heard the following words inside me “You are now a servant of the Sacred Fire”. At that point I realized that this place had to be the Court of the Sacred Fire and gasped with awe. I knew that term from earlier and had had intense dreams about it in a related situation in life. I understood the Court of the Sacred Fire to be an “institution” of divine justice, the place for making final decisions in the intricate matters of life, based on the whole big picture of light, darkness, the soul and all there is. It was the place of judgement, even to the extent of the second death. Much later I understood that the Court of the Sacred Fire was before the White Throne, and that the servants of the Lord had to be the twenty four elders.

I was removed from this scene but the vision was not finished. I saw a small replica of the Sacred Fire being placed inside the hearts of people that to me seemed rebellious and off course. The flame was sealed within them and a thin, firm string of light, like the finest string in a spiders web, connected each little replica to the huge flame on the throne. I understood that the string represented each persons individual path home to God, their path of rightousness, the way back to alignment with God. And I was also shown how the flame on the altar gently pulled them closer, attracting them like a magnet.

These people had severly harmed me, yet I felt nothing but love for them. In fact tears started running down my cheeks and I prayed for them to become whole, to be cut free from darkness and blessed abundantly every time they chose to take responsibility and live rightously. I was completely detached from personal pain, and it was obvious that I wouldn’t serve God if I was filled with hatred, revenge, anger, judgement and so on. I could only feel love and forgiveness, even for my worst enemies. Yet it was a strict and challenging love, a love that cried for their souls salvation, demanding that they were set free from rebellious spirits, were cornered and confronted and got help to recognize the true blessings in life. Here they threatened and harmed me in the physical realm, yet I cried, prayed and faught for their souls in the spiritual realm. I must admit, it was a bit bizarre, but I was completely at peace with it.

At the end I was told that anyone can become a servant of the Sacred Fire and promote God’s cause of divine justice, simply by asking. So if you feel that this is your calling then pray and ask. But keep in mind, if you really want to serve the Lord in rightousness, you will be tested and might encounter situations that you might find very challenging. Why? First of all because you need to be purged so that you can represent Him and not your ego. And second, because there in no point in sending doctors to the healthy. It is in the troubling, unjust areas of life that a torch of divine justice is needed.