The Essence of God

It was evening and the room was dark when I noticed a light above my head, slightly to the right. I could see the edge of it with my physical eyes and I felt the presence of it as it entered into me. A mature and peaceful presence filled me and I instantly knew it was Enoch. Through visions he showed me a bible, and then a row of important books throughout history. At first I was a bit confused, but then I understood that they all had something in common.. Then he said: “The plural meanings of the word THEOS, which means God, really means…” and he paused and tried to show me something through images, as if words of our time don’t cover the true meaning.

The words came faster than I could think and I was a bit overwhelmed by the precise language, containing words that I never use. It almost scared me cause I had no idea what “theos” meant and what was I going to think if it didn’t mean anything at all? But later on I checked it, and “theos” does mean God, and it has several (plural) meanings and the dictionary definition is like a blurred complexition of overlapping and opposing meanings that do not leave a clear image. The hebrew definition likewise, does not give a clear, obvious definition that rules out confusion. So what does God really mean? What is the essence of the word and what are we missing?

The images or vision that Enoch showed me, was basically a sphere, like an atom or a round egg. He stretched the sphere so that it was divided and I could see into it. Inside it was a woman, and a man. She was like a pure mother figure, sitting on the left side, while he was sitting on the right side. I barely saw the man as the focus was on the woman, but I saw his silhouette and knew he was there. This made me wonder. Why was the focus on her and why did I hardly see him? Could it be that I didn’t need to see him because the male aspect of God was already so firmly established in the church? I already knew God as a man and a father, and I wouldn’t need a vision to discover something I already knew would I?

The man and the woman completed each other perfectly, like the symbol of yin and yang, like twins of one seed. I hardly saw the man and it was obvious that the essence of the message was the feminine aspect and the polarity that was in God. It was perfect duality, united in oneness and wholeness, completing each other. So do we have a mother/father God and what does this mean for the trinity? Did the catholic Church, and other religions including a mother diety, have a piece of the puzzle of truth that christianity has missed out on?

Enoch continued and confirmed “oneness is the best term or clue..” and he gave me a profound understanding. In all of these books, even though they might have the right words, we have yet to discover the true essence of the most used and most important word in all of them. Could a deeper insight of one single word give new insights into all the great books of earths history? How would our perception change if reading these books seeing this one word in a new light?

I was on fire and wanted to continue the dialogue, but Enoch had other plans and said “It’s late. Now, go to sleep and I will show you things from the scrolls of the early days”. And I believe he did so on an inner level while I was sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night with a clear memory of a very mystical dream. It was simple, yet like a riddle. Basically it was about growth in a sacred garden, and certain dynamics was explained and demonstrated for me ..and guess what? It was all about pairs and duality. That story belongs to a different chapter, but I mention it here to show the flow of the events.

Now, I don’t claim that all of this has to be THE truth. I only share my thoughts and experiences. Having said that I also need to say that the words that come and the way it unfolds, makes me believe that there has to be some truth to it. For obvious reasons I am not a great reader, so I don’t search every toddle and word to justify my experiences, not at all. But a few days later a bible verse still found it’s way to me and the choice of words was definately interesting:

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

To me it seems like this verse is saying that God created us male and female, because God Himself is male and female. Isn’t that amazing! And if it is so, then God is the immaculate concept and divine matrix of masculine and feminine in perfect union, oneness, wholeness and fullness of all there is!