Pray for Israel

Earlier I didn’t understand the significance of Israel as a chosen land and a chosen people. To be honest I found it quite weird and didn’t spend much time on it. I thought maybe it was a symbolic thing or only on a spiritual level. But a series of visions and confirming dreams made me understand that it is indeed real, it is literal. I am telling you this because I want you to understand that what I was shown surprised me, it educated me and brought forth a conclusion that I would never have come up with on my own. So please continue to read because this message is not from me, and it is important.

140813 Pray For Israel

About a week ago I saw Yeshua (Jesus) with my spiritual eyes. He stood right before me and said “Look me in the eye and tell me what you see”. I looked into His left eye and saw a sea with violent waves hitting the shores / land of what looked like a typical Norwegian village in the countryside. There were one white and one red wooden house there and the waves hit them hard and threatened to crush them completely. Then the waves were turned into a flood of tears running down Yeshua’s cheek and he said “What are they doing to my land?”.

I understood that “my land” referred to Israel, but why did I see a Norwegian village? I realized that it had to do with the country’s relation to Israel and that it would determines it’s fate. At first I thought that a lack of support for Israel would lead to a violent storm on the west coast causing great loss and damages. That might be the case, but it could also have a deeper more symbolic meaning.

Why did I see a village on the countryside and why did the waves hit the land so hard? It made me think that this was not about a village but a general threat for the country, for the land as a nation. Then I wondered why were the a white house and a red house? White often symbolize righteousness and red anointing and protection. I began to understand that the protective hand of God over our nation, providing peace and prosperity, would start to lift if we fail to support Israel. Why? Because our righteousness and anointing as a nation depends on it.

I didn’t tell anyone about the vision and I didn’t think more about it until it was brought up again yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, something was bothering me but I couldn’t figure out what. I prayed for understanding and relief and the words “We have a letter for you” came to me. With my inner eyes I saw something being handed to me. It wasn’t a letter, it was a small box, very similar to a pharmaceutical box containing pain killer tablets. It was white, rectangular and with a rubyred band on the left side.

“What is this I wondered” as I was expecting a letter, but then I read the words on the front of the box. “Tel Aviv” it said. Now, I don’t watch the news or know my geography very well, I seriously don’t, so I didn’t know that Israel had just carried out heavy attacks on the palestines and that the nations loyalty to Israel was being severely tested. I didn’t know where Tel Aviv was either and rushed to the computer to check …and there it was, the first founded city of only jews in Israel. I realized that the message of the vision was that my best medicine, is to pray for Israel’s best medicine, which is support from the nations.

It was at this stage I started to understand that this issue really is important. We live in a time where the central issue is whether we recognize God as our ruler …or not, turn our back to Him and seek to sort out things on our own. I checked and realized that the word “Israel” actually means “May God prevail“, and I find it quite interesting to see how the nations follow their people and start to turn their back to the international symbol of God’s rulership.

Soon after this I went to bed to go to sleep, but I was interrupted. An old papyrus map with Israel on it was presented to me. It wasn’t Israel as we know it, as it had the shape of a six-pointed star and looked as if it was painted in blood. “My land is covered by my blood” I heard and the words continued. “My people don’t understand, the nations don’t understand and you don’t understand. Any nation that goes against her will suffer great upheaval and turmoil, any nation that forsakes her will be under my judgement and any nation that supports her will be blessed. It is the Law”. Then it continued “I have given you eyes to see and a mouth to speak. Use it and you too will be blessed”.

So that is what I do, share the words of my vision so that others can partake in this simple revelation / principle, and the blessing thereof. It is relevant for all nations so please pray for people of every nation to recognize the divine purpose and calling for Israel, for she is the mother of God’s rulership on earth. She is not to be divided or compromised. Please help me share this message as a wake-up call and a reminder of the importance of our faith in God, His chosen land and the people thereof, for just as we are being tested, so are they. God bless you.

13th of August 2014