Hurling Waves of Judgement

It was the 3rd of September 2014 and I was on a boat trip. Out of the blue I received the headline “Hurling Waves of Judgement”. I was not familiar with the meaning of the word “hurling”, so I had to check the dictionary later on and found that it did indeed fit the vision I had perfectly. I was shown some kind of a pot on top of a steep mountain. It had an unusual shape, kind of like an hourglass, or as if two pots were set on top of each other and joined together. Like an hourglass the pot was held up by four pillars and I was shown some kind of wiring, like a heating element, on the outside of it.

Inside the pot was boiling water and I knew it represented judgement of some kind. The pot was moving or tilting around and around, so that part of it’s content were cast out of it in a spiraling way. It was as if it was a mix of boiling water and intense flames at the same time. The substance floated down the mountain side like clouds or ripples on water, still in the shape of a spiral. It looked like cyclic waves that entered the land beneath the mountain and spread out to cover the earth.

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As the waves flooded the earth I received the words “Hurling waves of judgement for the flood of iniquity”. I knew that iniquity would finally come to an end and I was thrilled and scared at the same time. Thrilled because the fire brought life to everything that is of God, and scared because the boiling water was convicting everything not of God, including all that is not of God inside you and me as well. Each “wave” brought fundamental changes, challenging and mind wobbling, but all for good.

Anything in our lives or within us, that is not of the light, will be challenged by these waves. So if there is any time to get straight with God and clean up our personal mess, myself included, then this is the time to do it. The sooner the better, and the less upheaval will be required to awaken us. It is in fact a phenomenal time and an absolutely unique opportunity to get purged and cleansed and reunited with God. But anyone who resists and insists to continue in their old ways, will suffer increasingly. For the waves bring life to all light and death to darkness.

I was shown that this has been going on for a long time and that after 2016 it will get more intense and frequent, like labor contractions in a birth. At that time there will no longer be breaks between the waves and the intense pressure will be more like a constant vibration as it gets closer to the actual birth.

I kind of knew that the mountain represented mount Sinai, but I dismissed that information for a while, as I didn’t realize the importance of it. But then I looked it up I found that mount Sinai is where the ten commandments were given to Moses. Is it surprising then that hurling waves of judgement may descend from that same mountain, as we fail to keep His commandments?

So what can we do? Reconnect and stay close to God. Closer than ever. Seek Him, in everything you do, and ask Him to develop a personal relationship with you. If you don’t know him, then ask Him to reveal himself to you. For He is the solution to everything, the only one there is, and He wants us to know that, to know Him and trust Him completely. He is calling, but will you return to innocence and accept His invitation?

Update, March 28., 2015:
Jonathan Cahn explains the biblical 7-year cycles of judgement that started on Mount Sinai at the time of Moses. He points to 2015-2016 as a truly unique period in historical and we should be prepared for major world events. See his recent interview:

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