Cursing the West

As I was travelling by airplane to Turkey for a holiday in 2011, the plane started shaking quite vigorously due to turbulence in the air. It continued for at least fifteen minutes and carried a very unpleasant vibe. It wasn’t just ordinary turbulence, it was as if it had an underlying scent of evil.

With my inner eyes I saw long strings of words travelling through the air. There were many of them and they came from east travelling to the west. I could hear and feel the vibrations of arabic words, cursing the west. It didn’t come from Turkey, but from areas further south, more like the area of Pakistan and Afghanistan. With sadness I realized that it came from “the muslim mafia”, the core of radical islamists, carrying an intense hatred for the west, especially America.

I experienced similar events in 2009 and 2010, but I am not sharing this to cause fear. It’s a sign that we need to turn on our love and counter darkness with light. Thank you Lord for transforming the root of this hatred and destroy the dark power of the curses. Thank you God for embracing anyone with a heart filled with hatred with you compassion and love. Thank you for giving truth and understanding to all that are mislead. May we all rise above the human self and the automatic responses of our carnal mind and realize that we are brothers and sisters, children of God.

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