Darkness Must Flee

As I was contemplating on blissful matters and felt the presence of God upon me, a surprising sentence popped up in my head “The Islamic State is about to winge. There will be trouble in their face”. I didn’t know the meaning of the word “winge”, or if it was a word at all, but I looked it up and found that it was an australian variant of “whinge” which means complain/whine.

I felt the presence upon me becoming stronger and I heard “The days of the numbered are numbered, and there will be set a stop to their outrageous act. There will be peace among men, but it will not be made by the hands of islamic warriors. The light of the dawn has emerged, and it is time that this darkness must flee”.

Note that the word “stop” was used instead of “end”. I wanted to change it to “end” as it would make the sentence sound better, but I realized that the words were given this way for a purpose. Probably because we would see a setback, pause or temporarily stop, but unfortunately not the end.

Written 18. September 2014

20th of September: I received an email with a link to a Prophetic Perspectives video by Rick Joyner. It was an urgent message as he’d had a prophetic dream about ISIS coming to America, and unfortunately I believe he is right. During the program however I learned that a planned ISIS attack in Sydney, Australia, had just been stopped, seemingly the same day as I received the words…