Golden Sickles

As I was about to go to sleep I found myself in a vision, standing in a dark and gloomy place. It was night and I could see moving lights hit the ground from above, as if huge flashlights were used to examine the landscape.

Something tense and serious was going on, and whatever it was it went straight to the core of matters. As my eyes adjusted, I looked around and started to see that not everything was dark. In fact the blackness of the night enabled me to see the dim lights out there. Thousands and millions of tiny framents was glowing with a golden hue, creating a soft, warm light in great contrast to the darkness.

I heard steps, I felt them too, and I could see dark pillars move around. I knew that it was steps of judgement on earth, and that these pillars where destroying sin and platforms for sin and possibly even sinners. They moved in desolate areas with no or little light. I don’t know if they were beings or not, but they had feet, like those of corporate men in suits and black shoes. Above the ankles everything was enclosed in what looked like black, foggy pillars that emitted absolutely no light.

Later I came to know the biblical term “pillar of the cloud” and somehow it seems to be connected. I am not entirely certain if the destruction was God’s work, or rather a consequence of His protective light not being present. Either way it was tense and serious, yet based on perfect divine justice.

But then I saw hosts of light slowly moving through fields of grain with golden light. They each had their own segment to search through, and they examined every single straw thoroughly. They were completly focused, and in their hands they held golden, moon shaped sickles. It was harvest and they were selecting the grains with the most light.

I didn’t know that moon shaped sickles is the traditional tool for harvesting grain. But I found out on Google that they look exactly the way I they did in the vision.

As I understood it, it is happening right now. A bit troubled I asked “God, have you started the great harvest already? We are not prepared yet, we’ve not completed our work yet..”. The answer I received was “It is a preharvest. I reap those that have (p)received my message and call. Those that have matured and shine brightly. Those that walk in integrity. They are chosen as preparation team for the great harvest”.

(P)received was a word play, meaning received and perceived prior to the majority of people, pre-received.

Written 19. September 2014