The Body of Christ

I looked into the air and I saw Yeshua (Jesus) before me. He had long hair, long garments and a posture that made me recognize him immediately. As I looked closer I realized that it wasn’t really him, but rather his silhouette. It was as if his shape was cut out from a piece of paper and made an opening or hole.

As I was watching I could see a lot of people going into him, into his open silhouette as if it was a doorway. “Well, he is the open door” I thought to myself and smiled by the way it was described to me. But then I noticed that those that entering him, did not go through him and disappear. Instead they all seemed to find their own specific places within the silhouette and positioned themselves there.

People were standing all over the silhouette of his body, men and women, young and old. They were many but still a lot of spaces were left open. I started to understand that it was the body of Christ I was seeing, and I heard the words “Are you not coming in?”. A bit puzzled I thought to myself “What do you mean? Am I not already a part of the body of Christ?”. The words continued and gave me a clear answer “You are called, but you have not yet become active. You are not doing any work”.

It dawned on me that although I might not know all the details of my calling, I will not enter into it and see it blossoming if I don’t start doing something with what I’ve got. So why am I sharing this experience with you? Because I do not believe that I am the only one in this position. I believe that this message is for all of you that are called to become more active, take new steps and look for guidance so that you can step into the body of Christ and fulfill your purposes.

Written November 2013