A Trap for Israel

About a week earlier I had seen a dark military plane crossing the sky over what I believe was Tel Aviv. Not with my physical eyes, but in a vision. It was night and the sky was black and the dark airplane was difficult to spot. From my perspective it came from southeast, so if matching map directions that means it came from the area around the arab nations. As the airplane came close to the city it dropped two large missiles. I never saw the explosion and I didn’t hear a thing, but I saw the number 2015.

Today I asked God if there were anything else I should know, and immediately I saw dripping blood. The words “There will be a sacrifice. Jews will be sacrificed” came to me. I saw long rows of Jews, walking in streets in Israel, wearing white ankle length robes and white kippahs (jewish headgear) on their heads. Then I saw a number and I believe it was 7310.

I heard “United States” and I didn’t understand their role in it. But then I saw the dark airplane again. It came to me that in some way the U.S. would be involved in the bombing and either have sponsored, initiated or ordered the attack, although executed by a different nation.

Then I was shown the catholic church, represented by a three-headed dragon within a cathedral, centred in Rome. I was shown something underneath the church that made my stomach turn. Something dreadfully rotten had found it’s place there and was brewing works of evil. Whether it came from the roots of catholicism or was a hidden division under the catholic umbrella, I don’t know. But I knew that whatever it was, it was just as calculated and intelligent as it was horrid.

It was a trap, a camouflaged act, something that would look good, but was the opposite. I heard the words “Peace be with you” and I saw roots or branches from the evil beneath the church, stretch all the way to the USA. I am no expert on politics or religious groups, and I don’t know the details of how or who or what, but it seemed like all of these elements were a part of a trap and a terrible act against Israel.

Will U.S. based groups, related to the catholic church, initiate or fund attack(s) on Israel performed by one of it’s neighbouring nations? Is 2015 the year of the attack, or the time when the trap is set? Does 7310 refer to the loss of lives in one or a series of attacks from the same source? I do not know, I only know the things I saw.

So what can we do about it? We can all do our best to return to innocence, get straight with God and pray that it will not happen, that people’s eyes are opened and the nations’ support to Israel is restored.

Written 23. August 2014

Update, 10th of February, 2016:
2015 have passed and no plane has bombed Israel. Was the vision wrong? First of all I never said Israel would be bombed in 2015, and I never claimed to understand it all. What I do know however is that the US’ ties to the catholic church has increased significantly, and so has the alliance with the Arab nations. The Arab nations has formed a muslim military alliance and a civil started in the streets of Israel in 2015 as the Palestinian flag was raised at the UN’s general assembley and the Palestinian leader incited to civil unrest.