Niagara Falls

A couple of weeks ago, I received a word about the future contact with the divine. I was told that communication with the spirit realm would go to a new level before the end of this year. In so many ways I’ve been shown that this autumn is special, a pivotal point in time, and that 2015 will take things to a whole new level, not just for me but for all of us.

I’ve seen 2014 as a year of positioning and preparation, strengthening our roots and get settled where we are planted. Likewise I believe 2015 will bring closer relationships with God, clearer understanding of His will and the forming of the body of Christ as a broader segment of it’s members will connect. Both light and darkness will increase in it’s intensity, and it will be a deliberating time for those who walk with God.

As I prayed to God this evening, I started to see water pouring down in front of me. Like a fresh, clear waterfall with huge volumes of water continuously flowing. The words “Niagara Falls” came to my mind and I saw branches of a blossoming apple tree next to the water. I didn’t know, but found out that apple tree can be a symbol of Christ. ..and is it not so that once members of the body of Christ connect, they can finally blossom and prepare to bear fruit?

I knew the waterfall symbolized a huge outpouring of the spirit, the lifegiving water that makes all trees and flowers grow. It is awaiting us, we’re gradually coming closer to a continuous flow of spirit with all that follows, words, peace, love, healing and so much more. Then we can say with certainty: Be blessed :)

Written 21. September 2014