World Union Currency

The 24th of September 2014 I suddenly heard “A new currency will come. A World Union currency”. I knew it was a currency to accompany the coming One World Government, so it wasn’t something I was delighted to hear.

I was shown an image that looked like a symbol on the bills of this new currency. It was based on a triangular shape, but it was not a pyramid pointing upwards as on the dollar bills. Instead it was a pyramid pointing downwards and it had shapes on each of the triangle’s tips.

140924 World Union Currency2

I believe it was pentagons (five sided polygons) on each tip, but it could have been hexagons (six sided polygons) as well. The symbol had a lot more details to it, the way images on banknotes usually have, but above I’ve made a simple scetch of the shape I saw.

It was in the color range between green and aquamarine, and it had a more cruel feel to it than the New Turkish Lira. It was as if this symbol was telling us that it was done, it was permanent, under control and irreversable (at least in the natural). It an emblem of an opressing force, that was a threat to life, that now was in charge.

Now, I have to mention that I quite often explain phenomenas in geometrical shapes, so this symbol could simply be a representation of the nature of the oppressing power. But it was unusually detailed and looked real, as if printed on a banknote or credit card. So it could be a symbol we will get very familiar with in the years to come as well. Let’s pray that we will be set free from it and that a brighter path is laid ahead of all who loves our Creator.

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