An Awakening Storm

A long trail of words was shared with me yesterday and it started with this “There is coming a storm, that will traffic my people from one end of the scepter, the tail, to the other end, the head”. To me this tells me that we have nothing to fear. Although threatening events may come, they will end up helping us to get where we are supposed to be. Through the turmoil, His people will rise high and gain power and authority like never before.

The words continued “It will be a storm for oblivious reasons and my men shall grow hair and my women gain wisdom”. Hair is a symbol of wisdom, but I didn’t know the meaning of “oblivious”. So I looked it up and found that it means unconscious, unaware and forgetful. A lot of God’s people are still sleeping, unaware of conditions around them. We still engage in things of negative nature, perhaps with dreadful consequences, without understanding it. If we were already awake and aware, the storm would not be needed.

God loves us and wants to open our eyes before it is to late. The words continued “There is no time to waste for the hour is near. Let my precious toddlers grow up in me, and win my everlasting victory. Let the Lord be the cup of which you drink of, for in my truth you will gain My endless power”. God holds the victory, and shares it with anyone who stays close to Him. May we pray for understanding and be awakened now, all of us, so that the storm may lessen or even pass away.

I thought the message was done, but then a heaviness came upon me as if pressure on my chest, and I heard “There is a war coming. You will see it on screens. …and you know where it is ending”. My thoughts were led to the vision of A Trap for Israel and also the dream The New Turkish Lira which is related. But whatever comes, remember that God is winning! A victory is coming! Then I heard “A tide of mercy and new beginnings is coming, in great contrast to the darkness of the world”.

Written 24. September 2014