Victory in the Light

“Don’t be upset! Look at me and know that you are saved!”. The words pierced me in a moment of feeling low. I looked up, and I saw the eyes of Yeshua (Jesus) looking right back at me. It was only His eyes, surrounded by stars, as if He was saying I am the cosmic Christ and a living part of the entire universe. Then a big, white “Z” was carved out in front of Him. It actually looked as if Zorro had passed by, but I soon realized it was a sign of Zion.

I checked the meaning of Zion and this is what I found:

1. A symbol of Israel, the promised land and the Jewish people 2. A Place or religious community sacredly devoted to God 3. An idealized, harmonious community, utopia

I knew the “Z” meant Israel’s victory, a victory to be shared with the whole world. I was filled with joy in the spirit (not my mundane joy cause I didn’t really understand why this was great for me). I saw rockets and glowing coal raining over the Land of Israel, but it didn’t matter, it didn’t change the glorious feeling. I still felt sheer joy like in a celebration of greatness or the birth of utopia.

I got the feeling that the Land of Israel wasn’t just referring to the geographical area of Israel as we know it today. It seemed bigger. Could it be that the heavy fighting seen in the neighbouring countries such as Syria and Iraq, is actually a preparation and beginning of a new dawn for a greater Israel?

Then I saw dolphins swimming and jumping in the sea, many of them. They were rushing forward, from west to the east, as if coming from America or Europe to Israel through the Mediteranean Sea. The water was crystal clear, vivid and pure and they all moved with great joy.

I love dolphines and think of them as spirited beings of the sea. But my personal opinion doesn’t matter, so I checked online and found that in the early ages, dolphins were considered a fish, the king of fish actually, and therefore often used as a symbol of Christ. Christians seem to have forgotten about this symbol, but the new age world has not.

As water represents spirit, it seems that although the world is witnessing a brutal battle between tribes and religions, Christ’s presence is moving in the spirit, soon to be joyfully arriving the shores of Israel, in victory. Exactly what that will look like in the natural, I don’t know. I just know that it is beyond wonderful and it is coming!!!

The vision did not stop here, but for practical reasons I describe the next part on a separate page, see The Heart of the Kingdom.

Written 26 September 2014