The Heart of a Kingdom

As I was being showed Israel’s victory (see Victory in the Light) in a vision, I saw a tube of light, like an umbellical cord, being attached to the heart of Israel. Through it was lifegiving light pumped down and into the land. Little did I know that Israel is considered to be the belly button of the world…

The light came down in a slightly spiraling way, through the cord that seemed to be composed of three threads spiraling around each other, as in a loose rope made of several threads. As the light hit the ground, it spread out into all directions reaching the entire earth. Although it spread out like rays from a sun, it was flowing in twelve major “chunks” or rivers as in the pattern of a twelve pointed star. When the flow was established, flowers formed along the cord from earth and all the way up to heaven.

It was a powerful and beautiful sight, based on a very familiar concept. I had probably seen this shape a hundred times before, and I knew what it meant. I had never seen it on a piece of land though, and far less the most holy land, but I knew it was a sign of ultimate victory, and manifestation of what is above here below, the birth of heaven on earth. I will explore this principle, applicable for both man and land, in further detail some other time, but that needs a deeper study.

Lastly I saw a flock of white doves taking off, flyng into the air. Peace is coming and all will be more than well, after the storm.

Written 26. September 2014