Internal Military Strife

As I was resting, my mind wandered away pondering upon mount Sinai and other things that I have no recollection of. I didn’t go to sleep, but suddenly it was as if I “woke up” and realized what I had just witnessed.

I saw military forces, young men in uniforms and military caps walking around inside their camp. The caps were a bit lighter in colour, more like sand, than the typical ones in shades of dark olive green. Possibly because they were serving in an area with a lot of sun and sand coloured environment. I noticed the administration in the camp as they were making sure everyone got to the right places etc, very organized.

The soldiers had been brought together from different tribes or nations and they were to fight together against a shared enemy. I suspect the camp was quite new, or that it had received a new group recently, as they put such an effort in guiding them to the right places. As some of them were going to the food tent, a soldier was found dead on the ground.

There were blood around his throat and on the ground. It looked as if he’d been cut with a knife or deliberately injured in some way. Although they were soldiers in war, this was an unreal sight as it was inside the camp. My automatic thought was that it was probably just a symbolic thing, that noone in the military had killed their own “brother”. But in that very moment I heard the voice of a news reporter, describing in detail everything I had just seen as a murder, including the background story. Swift and formal, it was in the news.

The soldier was killed by one of his fellow men. I was shown that one of the groups of soldiers (nation, tribe or segment), were in conflict with the others. It was as if this group was there on false pretenses, they did not fully support the cause and had just as much moral contempt against their “fellow men” as their “shared enemy”. The event caused lojalty, trust and power to crumble.

There was a significant detail that I do not understand. Around the dead soldier’s throat, was a bluish, white light or liquid crystal substance. It was pure, fresh and soothing and it must have been of spiritual nature. Could it be that this young man had spoken words of truth, or even of God, and was killed for it? Or could it simply be the spiritual substance of the kingdom that draws nearer for every poor choice the enemy makes?

Please note that what I am about to say does not point out the “bad guys”, it only indicates that they are involved in some way. The reason I say this is because I am convinced I heard one of the parts in the conflict say “the turks” with great antagonism. What it means I don’t know, for all I know they could be the heroes.

As the other details faded away, I was left with the knowing that this murder would be a sign and a warning of something far bigger to come. I didn’t know what, but the next day I found out (see Outbreaks of Anarchy).

Written 4. October 2014

5. October 2014: The very next day international news quoted US vice president Biden saying “our biggest problem is our allies” in responding to the civil war in Syria. Then he used the term “the Turks” as well as Saudis and Emiratis claiming they had supported ISIS, giving them funds and weapons to conquer the Syrian leader Assad.

By this he confirmed what investigative journalists have claimed for a long time, that ISIS and other islamic extremists have been funded and trained by those who now want to fight them. It seems to be staged and the real motives are hidden. While Biden is blaming the muslim nations, it is a widely spread rumor that the US is highly involved, if not in even charge of these horrible schemes. Even a Turkish parliament member wrote about it on Twitter. Could it all be wrong?

I did a little research and here’s what I found: In March 2014 leaked audiotapes of Turkey’s highest ministers, revealed they were planning a staged attack against themselves (false flag attack), to get a legitimate excuse for military intervention in Syria. They discussed different solutions, including using ISIS as a tool, being backed by the world as they would fight against ISIS. They also talked about the presence of Americans joining high level government meetings, giving hand-outs about a planned no-fly zone etc. The US connections were clear, even naming John Kerry. Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan, banned Twitter and Facebook for a period due to these audiotapes.

In May 2014 the Turkish government cut off the flow of the Euphrates River which was a vital water supply for Syria (and also Iraq). The blockage caused a huge drought that further destabilized the country (making a military intervention a lot easier).

September 2014 ISIS members have been quoted saying “Turkey is our brother” while freeing turkish hostages. They also claim to have received medical help and other kinds of favor from Turkey.

6. October 2014 the Turkish parliament gave new powers to the government, allowing a military intervention in Syria and Iraq, exactly what the leaders had been scheming to get in position for all the way. Is it all just coincidences or is the war against ISIS very well planned?

The coalition against ISIS includes Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Greece, the US and so many of the western countries. No matter who is planning what, it seems like a very risky endeavour to bring all these rivalling nations together to fight a “shared” enemy. Cause if it doesn’t work out this can really blow up big time. We pray that people are awakened and truth revealed so that we all can be set free.

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