Outbreaks of Anarchy

Yesterday I had a vision about an Internal Military Strife where a soldier was killed inside the military camp by one of his fellow men. I knew it would be a sign and a warning of something greater coming, but I didn’t know what. I was told that I would soon know and during the night I had dreams highlighting the issue.

I dreamt about war and strife, and about a close relationship with God. I was shown how He revealed things in dreams and visions, spoken through Christ and the mystery of the Spirit, so that His children would know and see and hear, while others did not.

I woke up and knew that the murder inside the camp would be a sign of outbreaks of anarchy. It was as if a tiny crack in the protective shield had opened, allowing a spirit of lawlessness and rage to enter. It might be silent just after the incident, but eventually it would lead to increasingly deepening outbreaks as long as the cause of the crack was left unmended. I searched for “anarchy” in the bible and this is what I found, a perfect description of the force I’d been shown, breaking down peace, order and justice as we know it:

Isaiah 19:2 “…Everyone will fight against his brother, and everyone against his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.”

We might want change, but we don’t want this kind of change. Peace is not born through rage and disobedience. So why is this gap being opened and what can we do about it? The good news is that the power to influence and reduce the level of outbreaks, is right in our midst. All of this do not have to happen and these signs are not given for entertainment purposes. It as a warning that allows us to take action, make changes and repent.

It might sound strange to some, but this is what we all can do:

– pray that mankind will look to God as their ruler and obey His laws

– pray that our household, city and nation respect and obey our authorities and government

– pray for our leaders (even if we don’t like them)

– pray that the crack in the shield of protection (allowing anarchy to enter) is mended

– pray that peace, unity and loyalty is restored the way God intended it

We may not agree with or even like our leaders, but they have not been given authority by coincidence. We vote for them of course, but even more important, our leaders are a reflection of who we, the people, give power to. If we look to God as our ruler, then He will install a leader that is aligned with His will. If we turn our back to God and look to other means and forces for our provision and survival, then we permit these forces to rule in our lives, and eventually enter our government.

So the wise thing to do is not to entertain rage, revenge or panic. Instead we should pray for justice and order and trust that God has the power to change our leaders, or replace them, as the people of the nation changes. Through the authority of Christ we have the power to make changes.

I find it remarkable that this whole revelation started with pondering upon mount Sinai and the significance of it being the mountain where God gave the ten commandments for us to follow. We shouldn’t be surprised if violent outbreaks comes, when we continue to violate the laws (see Hurling Waves of Judgement).

Written 5. October 2014