The Tomb of Jonah

On the 9th of July 2014 the tomb of the prophet Jonah, located in Mosul, Iraq, was announced destroyed by ISIS. The same happened to the prophets Seth and Daniel. It was an act of anger against non-muslim communities. They succeeded in destroying sites of great historical and biblical value, but the spirit they cannot control.

It may seem like a victory for darkness, but every evil deed done to the righteous, makes the victory of light grow bigger and the kingdom draw nearer. I don’t say this simply because it is scriptural or sounds good, but because a row of peculiar experiences in my own life caused me to believe so. Here’s why:

Before I believed in God, at a time when I was even embarrased by the word “God”, I received three biblical names. The names came to me day and night and since I suspected they were biblical, I resisted them. I didn’t want to be engaged in the “lame concept” that I associated with the church. Still the wonderful sensation I got by hearing these names was so profound. I had to say them out loud over and over again, it was like medicine.

One of these names was Jonah. Now, I wasn’t familiar with the name Jonah, I don’t think I’d ever heard it earlier. Still I was clearly noted that it was written with an “h” in the end, which I found kind of absurd, but it was still the case. Years later I found out that Jonah was indeed correctly spelled and a figure in the bible. I didn’t really check who he was though, and I actually thought he was a bad guy that ran away from God and failed.

It was not until 2014, twenty years later, that it dawned on me that these three names might have been significant in a prophetic way. I read about Jonah and found that although he ran away at first, he was a good person and a succesful prophet leading people to change. Still I never considered myself as having prophetic giftings, sure I “see” things and “know” stuff, but that’s different right?

But during the late summer I was brought so much closer to God. Signs, visions, words and revelations were more frequent and clearer than ever. My attention was unmistakably directed towards prophetic giftings and later I was urged to start sharing the things I received as “prophetic words”. I didn’t expect this at all and honestly I found it quite strange, but I obeyed.

I didn’t know about the tomb of Jonah until September, and when I heard something moved inside of me. In a strange way it was kind of personal. I realised that the increased sensitivity to the prophetic realm, came about right after his tomb was destroyed. It could be a coincident, but I don’t think so! I believe it was like a seed that was sown and through it God’s children received a greater portion of revelation and prophetic anointing. As if God was saying “You may destroy the symbol of a prophet, but if you do, then thousands of new prophetic voices will surface, for I am a God of Peace, and justice”. The light of God never fails.

Written 19. October 2014