The Word Made Manifest

The 21st of October 2014 I had an interesting dream. I dreamt that the word of God had come to earth. It had form and substance and looked like a sphere or a ball floating in the air. Faith was not needed and doubt was removed, everyone could see it clearly.

People gathered around the manifested word, looking at it, inspecting it. It didn’t look the way they expected. Some were surprised, some didn’t recognize it and others rejected it because they didn’t like what they saw. But it was still the word of God, the real thing, made manifest and visible for all.

They all called themselves followers of Christ and believed in the word of God, yet hardly any of them knew the word. They didn’t know what it looked like in real life, they didn’t get the true meaning. They had their own perceptions, but for most of them it did not match the truth. Think of it, if you got all your divine questions answered today, here it is, the full truth, ready and served.. would you like it? Would you take it in and swallow it?

We like to think that we have the right understanding and that our way is the right way. But the dream seems to indicate that most of us are wrong. We may have understood parts of it, but on other parts we are so utterly wrong. Isn’t that exactly what happened when Christ came to earth, the word was made flesh? People were expecting Him and thought they knew a lot about Him. But when He came they failed to recognize Him and most of them didn’t even like Him.

Are we about to see a replay of that same principle once again? The dream was like a warning dream to believers, to all who think they know, but still live in ignorance. To all who see the Bible through the filters of the carnal mind, unwilling to accept the true nature of the word and it’s practical implications.

Our challenge is to be willing to adjust, let go of pride and prejudice and understand that human assumptions, perceptions, translations, interpretations, opinions, definitions, doctrines and traditions may be wrong. Don’t look to your neighbor and assume that it is him that needs to wake up, but instead make sure you are not the one sleeping. Don’t assume that you’ve got it, but seek God and His truth instead ..whatever it looks like, even if it is different than what you’ve learned or expected.

141021 The Word of God

The dream continued and I was shown a community built on the word. It’s focus and values were aligned with the core of God’s will and intent, and it was great. The sad thing however was that it was very small and around it was an enormous cluster of communities that was not aligned with the word of God. Some were far off and others had parts of the truth. They all thought they were aligned with and based on God’s word, but they were not. Do you think you are resting right in the core? Chances are that you are not. I know I’m not, I am not certain what is really in there..

This last part of the┬ádream confirmed and intesified the message in the first part. Therefore I urge all believers to ask God to help them. Help us see Your true nature and Your full truth God. Help us accept it whether we like it or not. Help us grow into it and humble ourselves so that we can acknowledge that we’re all right about some things, but we’re all wrong about so many other things. Help us see through the lies we have learnt to believe in, both the lies inside and outside the churches. Help us sacrifice the lesser self and the knowledge of this world so that we can come ever closer to You Lord.

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