A New Light for Muslims

The 26th of May 2014 I had a vision of a huge area that I understood was the muslim countries. The entire area and all of it’s people were under a large, dark blanket that covered their land. Note that I greatly respect muslims, so this was not an image caused by my prejudice and I did not expect it in any way.

People lived their normal lives under this blanket and knew nothing but the heavy burdens that the darkness caused them. They might have light and treasures in their hearts, but it never saw the light of the day. They were trapped and sealed under the carpet of darkness and they could not easily interact with the heavens.

But then I saw a bright star in the sky, and the star came down to the earth and teared the seal or carpet into pieces. For the first time the muslim nations could see the true light from the sky. Bright light and life was entering into their world. It was like the dawn of a new day after a very long night. It was as if the heavens opened and a new level of interaction with God was finally available.

In the light of the day all things previously hidden became visible for all to see, both good and bad. They could see their own state and environment clearly and people had new choices. Would they seek the light and adapt to the new day or would they run to the remaining areas of shadow to continue in dark ways?

In the bible stars often represents angels or messengers. Therefore it is likely to believe that some kind of message will come through to the muslim world, in a way that speaks to them on their own terms. Something that’s affecting whole nations, tearing apart the veil of ignorance and that which has kept them separated from the light of the day and the heart of God.

May it all come about in accordance with God’s will. He is the truth and the way! If you like this post and think that others should read it as well, then please share on facebook and other social media. If you wish to receive future posts, then you may sign up for our email subscription or like our facebook page. Be blessed and be the blessing :)