A Cloud of Words

Yesterday I had a peculiar dream with what I believe is a prophetic message. I was observing a huge cloud formed by words. It wasn’t just a collection of words in the air, but rather a real cloud of smokey substance formed as a result of words. The cloud had both presence and power, but I am not sure who uttered the words that formed it. Did they come from man or God and were they prayers, promises or prophecies?

In the dream I was shown that those who had words in the cloud, would see it come to pass, it would happen or manifest. I don’t really know what it means to have words in the cloud, but it sure was a good thing. Whether it was something mankind had prayed for or something God had spoken, there were no doubt that it would come to pass very soon. I was also shown that those who did not have any words in this cloud, would envy the favor of those who did.

While all of this is really good news for what is coming, there was still one detail that puzzled me. The cloud did not soar in the sky like a normal cloud. Instead the smoky substance seemed to start from the ground and continue up into the sky with the shape of a gigantic mushroom. There were no signs of war or battle or despair, but I cannot ignore the fact that the cloud looked exactly like that of a nuclear bomb.

I might be wrong but I do not believe this was a warning of a nuclear bomb however. Instead I believe it was a metaphor used to express the impact the right words can and will have on the world. I believe the words in the cloud were the words we speak, prophecy, pray and declare, that are in alignment and agreement with God’s will and His word. These words will soon come to pass, including those of the past that we’ve been waiting patiently for. And when that happens it will affect everyone both far and near, penetrate on a deep cellular level and impact our lives for decades to come. I believe the dream is saying that the change will be as powerful and far-reaching as a nuclear bomb so that the ground and all living creatures will be touched and moved by it. When the word is fully matured surely nothing is impossible.

I prayed for greater understanding of the dream and a scripture was given to me. While I encourage you to read the entire thing, as the words were highly encouraging, I only qoute what really hit my eye here:

Isaiah 55:10-11
“For as the rain comes down,

and the snow from heaven,
and do not return there,
but water the earth,
and make it bring forth and bud,
that it may give seed to the sower,
and bread to the eater,
so shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
but it shall accomplish what I please,
and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Written 7. November 2014