Climbing the Mountain

Although I believe this dream was partly personal I still share it to shed light on a very important principle. In the dream I was walking with a man in a forest. We were at the foot of a high mountain and had started the long journey of climbing it. We were both in good mood and talked as we were walking.

Suddenly we were in a different location, very close to the top of the mountain. From there we had the choice to go the short distance to the top or we could go down to the forest again and continue where we’d left. The man considerately suggested taking the short road, and said it would be better since I wasn’t strong enough to walk all the way. This way we could go to the top right away and afterwards we could walk the distance we’d skipped, whenever it suited us.

It all sounded good and sensible in the dream. But as I woke up I realised that noone would want to walk the long and boring mid-section of the path after they’d been on the top.

Then I fell asleep again and the dream continued. I was shown a dress that was so heavy that “noone” would wear it. It was light yellow with what looked like sparkling diamonds and the weight of the whole thing was either 7 or 17 kg. It had every possible kind of matching accessory, from bandana to ballroom gloves, winter coat and even down pants. It was all there, a full armor, for anyone willing to wear it.

The dress was a beautiful classic piece, kind of like the glamorous 1930’s. As I woke up I realised it spoke about good old fashion values and virtues. The dress represented a wonderful mantle, a heavy anointing and a covering of light that we may be clothed with, if we are willing to pay the price. But anything valuable is also costly. In order to get it we have to walk in righteousness, the way God intended us to, in all areas of life and to a greater degree than most are willing to.

We have become so custom to getting everything for nothing. There’s a short-cut or quick-fix for just about everything. Take the bus instead of walking, get a loan instead of saving, take a pill instead of going through the pain, dispise values and get rich and famous over night. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we have more options and less suffering, but there’s a negative side to it that needs to be addressed. We’ve been taught to feed our ego and expect instant results, to reap without sowing. It has worked for a while but the price is building up like a mountain of debt.

Through this trend we’ve been deprived of the wisdom, experience and mastery needed to handle the challenges that comes with new advances. In other words, we may get quickly to the top, but are we prepared for the pressure? Do we have what it takes to stay up there without falling? Every step up the hill is specifically designed to deposit something in us to handle life on top of the mountain.

This metaphor makes me think of John Paul Jackson’s words about being called and chosen. The calling is very short, just like the initiation of a journey. The training period however is very long and hard, just like it is walking all the way up the mountain. Those who choose to complete the journey are what we call the chosen ones. As they reach the top they will in a brief event experience an anointing, or as many call it the commissioning.

The path is our friend helping us gain victory and stay on top as loyal servants of God without falling into temptations or traps. Every single step is there to create growth, maturity, discipline, strength, wisdom and compassion in us. Along the way we get all the tools and accessories needed to handle every kind of future situation. Salvation may be cheap and available for everyone, but sparkling gowns of light and heavy anointings are costly and only available for fiery mountaineers. Are you ready to climb?

Written 7. November 2014