The Song of the Lord

Live by my law, my child
and you will see my awe.
Let there be no power
that takes you from your heart’s true desire,
a life filled with my presence,
my love, light and pure essence.

I am your father in all
I ask you to follow my call
and I will keep you safe and comforted in
my loving hand from now untill
the end of the days when darkness must fall
and light will arise in victory over all.

Stand strong by my side my child,
for the enemy is both shrewed and wild.
He will catch you in his snare
if you ever let him, my dear.
So stay close to me and follow my ways,
the path of my love, for all of your days,
and I will mightily bless you and your loved ones,
by the light of eternity, from all eaons.

Let me be your protecting hand
and bring you safely into your promised land,
the land that you were born to inherit
and fulfill your purpose in it.

This is my pledge that you may succeed,
I will remove from your path every weed,
that could stand in the way for your God-given destiny,
your truth in my light and you path to be free.
Let me set you aside so your path will be shorter,
let me clothe you in linnen and be your supporter.

All this and so much more I will do,
if you let me in, let me come through,
but my presence can only fully enter in,
when you honor my law, the principles of the divine,
a breathing dynamic so wonderful and true,
that awaits to bless and bestow upon you,
all wonders of the heavenly realm,
that seeks to nourish and overwhelm,
every seeker, both new and old,
have you lost your fire, become cold?

Look to me my child and know that I
live in you and will apply
my creative touch in your very midst,
when you allow me to be at rest
in every cell and atom of
your blessed temple, even in the storm.

Let me come in, my child, I am knocking on your door,
can you remember, you’ve heard my voice before?
I speak inside of you every day,
I tell you this is good and not the other way.
Sometimes you listen, sometimes you know,
sometimes you’re caught up in the devil’s claw,
but I am here to gently whisper,
it is me you seek, it is me you long for.
And you will find me my loved ones, all of you will,
if you will turn away from the noisy darkness and simply be still.

For my voice is quiet, gentle and mild,
it will not compete with a raging demon gone wild.
No, my thouch is gentle and found in a place,
where you turn to me and search for my grace.

Let me be your comforter, your love and your light,
there is nothing I cannot repair with my might.
Test me out you who are young,
if you do not believe that my power is strong.

Ask to see me, to feel me, to know that I care,
ask me to be with you if you dare.
For perhaps you did not know that I do exist,
but please challenge me if you are willing to risk,
to discover that indeed my word is true,
my presence is souvereign and all over you.
Are you worthy to test me and will I reply?
There is only one way to find out..

Let me be your warrior, your ultimate friend,
let me be the one you consult when you’re in the end
of a rope you’ve been clinging to far too long,
now is the time for you to remember your home,
a place safe from all that the world has perverted,
twisted and turned, made ugly and hurted.

All of my children, what you have gone through,
I’ve seen it all and I cry out to you,
look to me, let me open my doors
of heavenly blessings to all who adore
my way of life, the truth and the key,
the only thing that can set you free.

Therefore read my word child and may you live by it,
not the old clutter but the true meaning behind it.
Are you open, can you see?
I have put a glimpse of eternity
into the scriptures for you to embrace,
can you recognize the nature of my face?

The settlements which I have made have been for love,
in it’s true form, seen from above,
but light has been perverted and words have been torn,
twisted and converted and made into torns.
Do not let them sting you, but listen to my voice,
the simple path you will find in my everlasting promise,
that you will be blessed and filled with my light,
if you honor my guidlines of heaven’s delight.

Do not steal my child for darkness will plunder you.
Do not lie my child for you will be led astray, away from my truth.
Do not leave your spouse for a tempting flirt,
for you will loose love itself and be stuck in the dirt.
Do not kill with you tounge or your heart or your hand,
for if you do how can I take you to your promised land?
Do not envy another’s blessings
else you block the door to my gifts and presents.

Love all life as you love yourself,
be a comforter to those who need your help.
Let my hand be upon you as you follow these,
let my goodness flood with gifts that I release
to every child that seek my justice,
that turn their back to what the world says.

I am your only source my child,
I see it all and I still recall
every tear on your cheek, ever trouble you have faced,
let me comfort you in my warm embrace.

Live with me, live for me and you will see
that I will restore, heal and finally
bring peace in your heart, in your soul and your mind,
make that which is dark turn to gold, be refined.
Yes let me dwell in you, as you open your heart,
and see what is hidden and what is apart.

Let truth live within you and breathe in your bones,
the light of your Creator that saved you by torns.
Be blessed my child, be blessed and know,
that I am still here and in full control
over all the earth, the heavens too.
I am eternally yours, I will not leave you,
or loose my place,
as the battle speeds up it’s pace.

I am yours,
will you be mine?
I forgive all,
will you decline
your pride, your hatred, your anger too?
Will you come to me, be open and true?

I am here waiting my child,
come into my open arms and see my smile.
The path is simple, walk in my ways,
seek me and trust that the light never fails.
Amen, it is done, there is no more to say.
You know where to find me, you know where I stay.
Amen, it is done, there is no more to say,
the choice is given to you every day.
I hope to see all of you, thus I pray.