In Memory of John Paul Jackson

Today I learned that the humble, wise and prophetic teacher John Paul Jackson passed away. He had an unique gift of accurate prophecy and dream interpretation. He teached others to do the same and planted thousand of seeds by sharing tools, discipline, encouragement and insights. He built bridges and embraced the light within the New Age world, instead of simple condemnation, and he taught others to do the same, without compromising the word.

I was so grateful when I found his online teachings at Streams Ministries and so heartbroken when I realised that he had passed away all too early. He was a great example, a pillar, and he will be missed!

Right before I found his ministry I was shown that I would find a group of giant cotton trees and they would teach me. Little did I know that cotton trees actually exists and that trees symbolise leaders and authorities. The trees stretched their huge crowns to the sky and their branches were covered with the white, cloud-like substance of cotton.

The roots were equally deep and widespread. It was as if they lived in two dimensions, bearing spiritual fruits of the heavenly realms based on deep-rooted truths, and offering them to the world. “Eat the leaves of my trees” I heard and I was a bit confused until I realised that leaves symbolise truth. John Paul Jackson was one of the solid cotton trees and I believe God sent me to him so that I could learn from his wisdom. Hidden mysteries of life and death, dreams and visions.

If you do not know who John Paul Jackson is, or haven’t listened to his teachings yet, then I highly recommend doing so. You find his excellent teachings on dream interpretations and so much more on Streams Ministries.

Not a day has gone but we already miss you John Paul! The world has lost a giant tree and a priceless, uncompromised prophetic voice. Thank you for all that you have done.