Apricot Kernel Oil or Cortisone?

Believe it or not, this is not an article to promote any kind of cosmetic treatment, but rather a sweet little testimony of the everyday guidance from our loving Father. Ask and you shall receive.

I had just received a phone call from my doctor regarding my oldest daughter. She had an increasing eczema in her face and the doctor adviced me to use small dozes of cortison to fight it. I am not particularly fond of cortison and try to avoid it if possible, so I asked God what to do. After all we are ment to have all we need in Him and I had just recently pondered about how we have given our¬†authority away to the medical industry.¬†I thought if we can’t beat a small eczema, then how can we handle larger issues?

Then words came to me and it basically said: Go down in you basement and find the empty bottles you have stored for cosmetic use. Then take apricot kernels (and I saw them being crushed) and mix it with coconut oil and a little bit of lemon.

It was so specific and outside of my own thoughts, so it didn’t seem to be my own, yet I thought of the salty roaster apricot kernels I have for snack in my kitchen and wondered how that could possibly be good or even practical to put on the skin. And lemon…? I had real doubt and was about to reject the message.

But shortly after it struck me that it might be related to apricot kernel oil, after all that’s what you get when you crush the kernels. I had no idea if that kind of oil was used for the skin, but I looked it up online. I searched and immediately found a blog page explaining how apricot kernel oil had all kinds of wonderful benefits for the skin. The blogger had basically overcome her problems with facial eczema and dry skin during the winter with this remedy. Her situation was almost identical to ours and I started thinking that there might be something to the words after all.

But as I continued reading my jaw dropped! The blogger shared her favourite skin moiturising recipe and it was: 2 parts organic coldpressed coconut oil, 1 part apricot kernel oil and a few drops of lemongrass oil. Wow! God really does talk to us, if we only dare to ask and listen. Even my kids found that amazing and are eager to put it to test.