Genetic Engineering

Last night I had a short dream that seemed to be about life and humanity in general. It was about genetic engineering and it basically stated that humans are pure if not altered.

Whether you think of this as an obvious or strange statement, I see it as warning. After all, would the issue be brought up unless the pure genetics of humanity is or soon will be in danger?

We don’t know all the hidden scientific experiements planned or performed in past, present and future. A lot of projects are classified (secret) and public media fails to focus on graving issues that already have been revealed. Are we being told the truth? Have the right questions been addressed and how far have genetic engineering actually come?

Have new types of animals been created? Have transhumans (part human and part animal or machine) been created? Do we want men that can give birth to children, and if not why are we allowing the research? Can genetically modified food (GMO), chemicals or medications cause mutation? Have viruses been genetically altered to create biological weapons and can vaccines be used as tools for gradually altering our genetics?

These things are being claimed and not without reason. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve learned that a lot of well documented issues are withheld from mainstream media. If you wish to get a wider perspective I encourage you to search for alternative media reporters on youtube such as Ben Swann, Genesis 6 Giants (by Steve Quayle and Thimothy Alberino), RT America, Infowars Nightly News and so many others.

Now, back to the dream as there were a few more hints. The first was that eating fruit and vegetables was pure. The second was that verbally attacking evil is also pure. It ended with the statement “A lot of things are different than people think”.

Does this imply that animal products are about to become so contaminated by chemicals, pollution, medication, bacterias, viruses, illnesses, emotional stress and traumas, that they are endangering the genetic purity of humans?

And does this also mean that speaking the truth, and sharing these kinds of concerns, confronting lies pushed by commercial forces, freeing mankind from a widespread soporific deception, is a duty and a call to all people with eyes open? Words are weapons folks! Let’s use them to say NO and stand up for the purity of the human race and the earth with all it’s plants and animal life just the way God created them.

In 2013 RT News published this video on vaccines, GMO and depopulation plans. As you will see it shows that the leaders’ desire to kill and sterilize millions of people. in order to significantly reduce the global population, is real and they don’t even bother to hide it. This is something everyone should be aware of!

11th of March 2015:
Bloomberg Business reports that Google Ventures manager believes we can live up to 500 years and is in the search for immortality. With a yearly budget of hundreds of millions of dollars they seek to invest in companies that will slow aging, reverse disease and extend life. It may sound good, but the question is at what cost? Will they invest in companies like Ganogen in California that has developed a procedure for transplanting organs from aborted babies, into rats and pigs, to allow the organs to grow and then later transplant them into humans? The project is referred to as “Frankenscience” and work has initially been done on kidneys according to World Net Daily.

14th of April, 2015:
Once upon a time food was simply food. That time is over. Infowars reports that in November 2002 the american company Prodigene accidentally contaminated soy fields in Iowa, after a GMO crop carrying a potentially dangerous and deadly viral strain escaped and possibly transmuted. The company had 96 test fields for growing genetically modified corn for pharmaceutical use and had to burn 155 acres of contaminated crops. In the maize they were pharming substances for medical use including a protein found on the surface of HIV, which was to be harvested for an AIDS vaccine. There are great concerns about security and the danger of spreading when such crops are allowed to be grown outside. Another concern is simply how do we truly know what we are eating?

14th of April, 2015:
Pioneering trials using man-made DNA begin in battle against cancer, ebola, flu and HIV with scientists saying this could be the key to defeating them. This is the headline in Daily Mail. Health is great but wouldn’t it be better to focus on the cause of diseases and promote righteous healthy living in alignment with creation the way God intended it? Do we really think we can trick God and manipulate our way to greatness, with no terrible side effects?

15th of April, 2015:
Global governments seems to be obsessed with pushing vaccines or making them mandatory these days. One might wonder why, what is the hidden agenda? Learn more about vaccine safety from doctor Wakefield: