Racing Towards Fake Animals

The 3rd of March 2015 I dreamt that I was a passenger in a car driven by the father of darkness. He was driving ridiculously fast, at the same time as he was talking on the phone and writing notes. He was speeding down a steep hill towards the sea, and although the view was spectacular, the ride was very scary. I knew how dangerous it was and prayed for God’s protection. I laid it all in his hands as there was nothing else I could do.

As we came close to the sea, we turned right and stopped by some kind of harbour out in nature. Two thin piers went out in the water and formed a large V-shaped floating dock. It was the “entrance” for workers coming on jet-scooters. Most of them were young men with little education.

They all came from the sea and went into a cave or tunnel going into a mountain right next to the harbour. They worked in there with some kind of production, out of sight, hidden yet right under the nose of the public. I’d seen the same kind of installation elsewhere, also with the V-shaped entrance leading workers into a mountain.

Outside the production unit were two animals walking around in green lush grass. One was a terracotta brown hippocampus, the other one something similar but in a different color. It looked good at first glance, but the animals were fake, like manufactured 3D constructions. I was against this, desiring real animals instead, the way God created them.

The driver pretended to care about me, and I felt pushed to be nice to him in order to not seem rude or even mean. Like in a psychological game I was supposed to support him. But I managed to avoid it cause I knew he didn’t care a bit about me or anyone else. His only interest was his own business and he did a poor job concealing it.

In the end he revealed his true intention and asked if I would work for him. He needed help improving some lists and wanted me to re-write them by hand. I was so offended and even disgusted by the suggestion that I uttered a blunt “NO!” before even thinking. I was shocked that he had the nerve to even ask. No way! Then he started talking trash about others putting blame on them.

At this time I woke up and I was a bit confused about the true meaning of the dream, so I asked God to explain the context of it. I then fell asleep again and received the following words “In the public, how far can the lies go without people noticing?” …and that was it.

So what is my take on these dreams? Well, sadly I believe it is about hidden systematic manufacturing of hybrid animals and other ways of tampering with God’s creation. Dangerous experiements of genetic engineering with new cross-bred spiecies with “enhanced features” that may indeed threaten the purity of the earth’s natural animal life.

It seems to be set up in a way that the general public is unaware of the activity and those not knowing the danger are even recruited to serve the cruel cause. I believe the dream is a warning, telling us that the luciferians are working in high speed towards mass production of fake forms of life and hybrid animals, just as we already have hybrid plants and flowers.

About a year ago I kept receiving the words “the days of Noah” over and over again. I didn’t know what it meant except signifying that we live in a time of great change. Now I can’t stop thinking of the claims that the flood came as a result of genetic manipulation that had “polluted” nearly all of God’s creation. Luke 17:26 “As it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man”.

Please pray with me for it not to happen, for truth to be revealed and dark agendas exposed, including the hidden motives behind them.

15th of May 2015:
Infowars reports that Monsanto, the mother of GMO, has bought a company dedicated to produce genetically modified animals. They also state that genetically modified animals are common in China mixing human genes in cows etc to produce human milk, organs and more. ..and it can spread. This is a dangerous race that needs to be stopped.