Oppressed by False Religion?

If you are a legalistic christian that gets offended when things don’t follow your expectations of what God is all about, then this article may not be for you. To everyone else, I believe you will find the dream I had the 5th of February 2015 quite interesting as it highlights some very sensitive, yet important, issues.

In the dream I was with my father and his friends. We were in the living room of Torill’s house. The name Torill means “thundering battle” so one might say that we were in a place of thundering battle.

The room was filled with black leather sofas, dark furniture and it was cold and creepy. I was very uncomfortable and scared. The air was filled with lies and in a subtle way I was threatened to accept them. I knew I would be severly persecuted and harassed if I didn’t give in to his pressure, he couldn’t handle that. But accepting his lies was out of the question. I felt the danger though and did my best to avoid provoking hatred and attacks.

My dad was watching a TV screen and flipped channels with a remote control. He jumped past all the deep dark channels and paused every time there was some light saying “Only look at Jesus”. He implied that that was the answer for me and that all would be fine if I did so.

Although a few images were bright, the whole of what he presented was disgusting and it made me sick. But how could I argue the ultimate trump card “Only look at Jesus”? He tried to cover up his own darkness and oppress me with his hypocracy, denial and lies in the name of Jesus, and I had problems defending myself.

Then I noticed a white squared table in the middle of the room that didn’t seem to belong there. It was beautiful, bright and clean with details of gold and looked like an improved version of the table I have in my own living room. It had three segments and as my dad continued to say “Only look at Jesus” I focused on the segment on the right side of the table instead of his creepy stuff. This gave me peace and strength and was probably a symbol of the pure spiritual truth that I already knew.

I woke up wondering why the name “Jesus” was used instead of “Yeshua”. After all God knows that I personally think of Jesus as a counterfit name invented by the enemy. I also wondered if my father represented my biological father, my heavenly Father or something else.

The dream was so creepy that there was no way this “father” could represent God. The personality traits and setting matched my biological father, but he never discussed religion and he’s had absolutely no place in my life for about twenty years, so I knew it wasn’t about him either. I took a while but then it dawned on me, this was the father of darkness and then it all started to make sense.

You may ask how can powers of darkness promote Jesus or is it possible to have “nightmares” about Christ? I guess it is if the ones representing Him are wolves in sheep’s clothings. After all misrepresentation is probably the best way to lead astray.

A few days later I received an email from a member of a christian group that basically questioned the purity of my spirituality and encouraged me to “just look at Jesus” and all would be fine. Although this came from a charismatic, benevolent little group of believers, I still felt “forced” to accept spiritual lies and become “like them” to avoid persecution. Still they were convinced they were doing God’s holy work and they had scriptures to “prove” it.

I had experienced quite disturbing incidents with other members earlier so I truly felt condemned. On the inside I was actually terrified, feeling as if I was facing a lynch mob seeking to strangle what God is birthing in me. I couldn’t be a part of something like that. But how could I claim that they were all wrong? And how could I be sure that this was not Godly conviction telling me to surrender? I asked God to clarify and for the next weeks I had confirming, clarifying dreams. He is such a faithful, loving God..

I had dreams of being raped, invaded and offended by members of the group. My intimacy with the Lord was attacked. I dreamt of them stepping on the body of Christ and putting road blocks on the way to Paradice. It continued with satanic forces creating false doctrines that have influenced most christians, turning everything upside down. And was rounded up by several dreams telling me to rest in truth, the way I know it, and expose evil.

I wanted it to be different, but there were no more doubt. The unpopular conclusion had to be that the father of darkness works activly through so many christians, and they have no idea.

I understood that my biological father was chosen in the dream to show that I’ve been prepared for this kind of task since early childhood. In my heart I knew that Satan was trying to make me into an “obedient”, ignorant and oppressed christian. Why? Because that way I would be no threat to him. I would never see the whole truth and in certain areas I would even work for him. Folks, we need to wake up, resist false religion and seek truth instead. There’s a real enemy out there and he’s laughing every time we spend our time picking on each other instead of chasing him.

Please stand with me in prayer for all who have been harmed or led astray or even walked away from God, Christ and the Bible due to false religion and misrepresentation. May they all be restored and brought back to our Creator the way He intended it. And thank you God for helping us understand that all can act as persecuters and assist the enimy, even without knowing so. Love, truth and humility is the only way and only God has all the answers.