The Russian Bear

The 29th of April 2015 I had an uneasy feeling, like fear groaning on the inside. I didn’t know if it was personal or not. All I knew was that something horrible was lurking and I couldn’t get any peace. “There is something that needs your prayer” I heard on the inside and the words continued “..and it is not Turkey, nor the Ukraine, but something close, east and above”.

150429 The Russian Bear

I have to be honest, my geographic knowledge is terrible, but with my inner eyes I could see exactly where the root of this evil was located: In an area north-east of Turkey, right above the Middle East. It was in the lower part of Russia, the area bordering with Ukraine and Georgia, and as I looked at a map later on I found that the vision had been spot on.

An intensly twisted and disturbing feeling came out of that place, like ripples on water. Something was terribly wrong. Tragic earthquakes had just shook Nepal so my mind was kind of set on natural disasters, but I was shown that this issue was more man-made and the words “The Russian bear is awakening” kept coming. I don’t claim to know the true meaning of that term, but there was no doubt that something bad was in the making, an evil plan with devastating consequences..

As I tried to understand what it was related to, Iran showed up on the map. There was a clear connection between them, like they were in it together. Russia and Iran have made some military agreements lately, but it seems that there is something much more serious going on than what is reported to the public. I might be wrong but the feeling I got was that it is related to war, weapons, Russian troops and possibly nuclear power in some way, at least troops.

Then I saw a bright, white angel in the troubled area, hovering above something that looked like a well or pit or an underground cave. The “pit” was dark grey and so utterly lifeless, and on top of it was a shut lid. The lid wasn’t completely closed however. It was slightly elevated, and thick, black fluid, like unrefined oil, poured out over the sides and unto the earth. Whatever it was coming out of there, it was bad, really bad. I prayed for it to be fully blocked, held back or postponed, and for people to be kept safe.

Then I saw the angel lifting one arm straight up in the air. A clear blue spiral of light, like a helix, came down from above, through the raised hand. It was small at the top and got wider and wider as it went down. It surrounded the angel and encircled the “pit” underneath. “Thank you Lord” I cried eagerly, convinced that the evil would be restrained and kept back. But I was wrong. The angel lifted and disappeared, and left the lid unguarded.

“It will be unleashed” I heard “It will be unleashed”. In the absence of what seemed to be a guarding angel, dark grey substance and a whisper of death started crawling out of the well like demons in a horror movie. forces of grief and suffering followed and it spread throughout the land.

Dear believers, we need to pray. As God removes His protective hand, allowing evil to be freed for a short period, before it is judged, it is up to us to cry out for light and invest our heart, mind and soul, our will, focus and effort in all of God and nothing else. Pray for your brethren in all countries, of all races and all religions. We are all deeply loved by our Father, the Creator of all, and we are all attacked by evil minds and forces of darkness.

Whatever it is this event is certainly of a spiritual nature aimed to attack all that is good. Yet it will most likely manifest in very specific physical events in the world as well, things that we may watch in the news. Therefore I ask that you keep Israel in your prayers as well, as she might be the central target of this operation.

Update, 30th of September, 2015:
Putin has recently taken the lead in the international fight against ISIS and has formed alliances with Iran and other Middle East countries, set up bases in Syria and today Russia bombed Syria for the first time. At the same time Iranian troops is said to have entered Syrian ground and the situation is tense.

I find it very interesting that one of the main objectives for these countries, is to secure ground to build a common pipeline through Syria, to allow massive oil exports to Europe. They are also planning to stop trading oil in US dollars. This provokes both Saudi Arabia and the US as they might loose ground.

I knew absolutely nothing about this until God started teaching me through visions and dreams, and suddenly the news started make sense. So the pit or well that I saw with oil-like substance, may very well indicate that oil trade could be the underlying cause that triggers deployment of troops, and the demonic forces the depressing result that follows.

I had absolutely no idea, but I checked on a map and found that the area I had been shown, was packed with oil refineries. It does indeed seem as if the Russian bear is awakening and fight for it’s right to export oil.

Regardless of my vision, the current situation is particularly noteworthy as it may tie into biblical prophecy. Revelation tells us that a major war, the “sixth trumpet war”, will be released from the river Euphrates, which runs through Syria. Are we on the brinck of a new world war?

Revelation 9:13-15:
“Then the sixth angel sounded… …”Release the four angels
who are bound by the great river Euphrates”. So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of men (people in the affected area).”

If you don’t know what the sixth trumpet is, I encourage you to learn more in this free online course 7 Trumpets. Some may ask how the sixth trumpet war is relevant, if the fifth trumpet has not yet been blown. Well, there are strong indications that the prophetic incidents of the fifth trumpet have already happened. To learn more you may view the fascinating video below.

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