Earthquake in Japan

It was May 16th 2015 and I was communing with God, just being close to Him. Then I heard “Pray with me” and I understood that something needed intercession. “There will be an earthquake in Japan” I heard and it continued “Many will loose their lives, but some will know me”. I understood that those who knew God, or came to know Him through this, would live on to share their testimony with many.

Then I heard “The Japanese wall” and I saw a huge dark cube standing in the terrain. My first thought was that there is no Japanese wall ..why is China mixed into this? But then the dark cube cracked into many pieces, shaped like skyscrapers in a city, and they tilted and fell to the ground as if shaken out of balance. Some fell this way, others the other, as if the epicenter was in the very center of the cube. I am not entirly sure what the cube represented, but it felt like hardness, stiffness, denial and a wall against life and the essence of God. It was more dead than active evil.

Then I heard “There is no mercy for those who have no mercy” and I felt the agony of remorse. I saw people raising their arms as if praising a golden sphere hovering above them and I knew it represented Buddha. “It is fine to disconnect from the lesser desires, but where is the mercy?” the voice continued implying that taking care of one’s neighbors or even one’s own personal God-spark was foreign to this land. I didn’t know much about the religous traditions in Japan, so I checked it afterwards. What I found was that many do not relate to any religion at all, but the largest religious group isĀ indeed Buddhism.

Then I saw the sword of God repeatedly sway back and forth over the land like a swing. The enormous sword finally pierced through the soil, deep into the ground, with great intensity and I heard “My word WILL be anchored in the ground! It is MY land!”. It would happen whether the people wanted it or not!

I thought it was over but there was one more thing. I saw a pot of boiling liquid on top of a mountain. My immediate association was John Paul Jackson’s prophecy of a vast volcanic eruption in Japan. I thought of the details of his prophecy and pictured the tremendous, devastating impact it would have, and as I did I heard “THEN they will know!”.

Thank you Father for awakening the people of Japan, young and old, all who have simply followed in the footsteps of their family, neighbors and country. Thank you for revealing Yourself to them and for letting them know You NOW rather than later. Thank you for opening their eyes to the highest level of compassion and mercy, as demonstrated by Christ on the cross. And thank you for speaking to their hearts, so that they may anchor Your word in the ground and in their land for You and with You.