This Man Needs Your Prayers

In November 2014 I had an overwhelming urge to do something to support the Kurdish people, especially Turkish Kurds. Comfortably seated on a different continent I found it a bit strange, but I could simply not think of anything else. I prayed from the bottom of my heart for God to help me make a difference. The answer came in a vision.

Selahattin Demirtas

I saw a man standing in a beam of light from above, as if walking in God’s light. He wasn’t that tall and I could see the clean features of his face so clearly. Although I had never seen him before, I knew he was a Kurdish politician. I also knew that God had sent him to do something very important, and good. “This guy I could even recognize on a picture” I thought to myself and did a Google search on Kurdish politicians. I gathered a list of names, all foreign to me, and typed them in one by one in Google Images to see their faces ..and I found him. His name was Selahattin Demirtas and he looked exactly like the man in the vision.

I knew nothing about him though and for all I knew he could be a bad guy, so I read a little bit about him. I found that he was educated as a lawyer, that he was the leader of a Turkish political party and that he had been fighting for human rights, peace, freedom and democracy all of his life. It all made sense.

I am not writing this to tell you how clever I am, but rather to testify of the greatness of our God. I knew nothing back then, I couldn’t possibly know, but in the following months I got to discover why this man is so important and why he needs our prayers.

– I had no idea that he literaly was the public voice of truth, peace, equality and democracy in a corrupt and crumbling regime

– I had no idea his political party, the HDP, played a crucial role in the ongoing historic peace process between the Turkish government and PKK (Kurdish military group)

– I had no idea that there would soon be a historic election in Turkey where HDP was the political party that could tip the scales

– I had no idea that the ruling president was planning to overthrow the parliament system, to gain more centralised power, and that Mr. Demirtas and his political party were the only ones that could stop him

– I had no ideas that parliament members of the ruling party, AKP, would physically attack parliament members of the opposition, including HDP members, to force through a controversial security bill and wipe away all opposition. Ribs were broken and PMs sent to hospital as they tried to oppose the bill that would bring Turkey closer to a police state

– I had no idea that the ruling president and his political party would fabricate lies, create traps and do anything in their might to discredit HDP

– I had no idea that HDP was on the edge of a historic political breakthrough exceeding the 10% threshold to enter parliament as a party for the first time ever

– I had no idea that there would be threats and attacks on HDP members and offices all over Turkey, including shots and bombs to intimidate, injure and kill.

Having seen all of this, I understand why this man is important and why he needs our prayers. Whether you are hindu, muslim, christian or jew, pray for God’s will to be done through him. If you are an atheist support his values and good deeds by sharing this post, and if you are a Turkish citizen consider giving him your vote.

I am not saying he is perfect, and I am not saying he can do miracles, but he is important for the future of Turkey, and especially the Kurds. Without his political party in the parliament Turkey may face more suffering, despair and hard times than ever before. Therefore I ask that you stand with me in prayer for Selahattin Demirtas, his party members in the HDP and the election the 7th of June 2015.
May God’s will be done.

Update, June 5th 2015:
Three people were killed, more than 200 wounded, when two bombs went off in Diyarbakir in a HDP supporting crowd, only minutes before Demirtas was to enter the rally. For the second time he was miraculously saved from a bomb attack. He claims that the bombs targeting his political party was carried out by people connected to ISIS. Why? Because by entering parliament, HDP may tip the scales and change Turkey’s Syria/ISIS policy.

Update, June 8th 2015:
Elections were held and the ruling AKP lost it’s majority in parliament. It was their biggest setback for decades and clearly reflected the people’s Clearrejection of Erdogan’s presidential ambitions. HDP on the other hand had a huge victory, entering parliament for the first time ever, gaining 80 seats by close to 13% of the votes.

Update, 15th of June 2015:
Kurdpress reports that two protection officials have been assigned to Mr. Demirtas. The decision was made as turbulence, threats and uncertainty remains while the leading political parties work to form a coalition government.

Update, 1st of August 2015:
The ruling AKP is unhappy with the election results and seems to have found a new strategy to neutralize their opposition. Now they seek to criminalize HDP, by attempting to link them to PKK, and possibly close down the entire party. May truth be revealed and justice rule.

Update, 26th of September 2015:
New elections will be held in November as AKP failed to form a coalition government. Now they hope to push HDP out of the parliament and have started something very close to a bloody civil war to acheive that. While I thank God that the AKP was not allowed to run their election campaign under the slogan “In the name of God”, Selahattin Demirtas so eloquently said they should rather use the slogan “May God forgive me”.

Update, November 22nd, 2015:
The 10th of October two suicide bombers blew themselves up in a peaceful HDP rally, killing more than a 100 people including a parliament candidate. On November 1st new elections were held and despite dirty tricks from the government, HDP upheld it’s place in parliament. Selahattin Demirtas, who did an outstanding job leading the party through rough seas, was attempted murdered the 22nd of November as a bullett hit the window of his car. Luckily it was a bullett proof car. In a Public comment he stated that God should be the one to decide when we die, not men.

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