God’s Light on Mount Ararat

The 11th of April 2015 I had a strange spiritual experiences specifically related to Mount Ararat, or Agri as locals call it. I woke up around 11 AM Turkish time, and for seemingly no reason I felt a strong connection to Mount Ararat. My heart was aching and filled with such an intense love that I was almost paralysed by it. I knew perfectly well that I was still laying in my bed, but at the same time it was as if I was there, in Agri, standing in a place very close to the mountain.

God's Light on Mount Ararat 3

I knew the exact location, I saw the surrounding nature and I desperately longed to be there for real. I tried to figure out if God wanted me to travel to that place or if I had some kind of purpose there, but I didn’t get any wiser. All I knew was that I was there (kind of), looking up to the sky, and from the sky came a bright, white spiralling light, with the shape of a DNA. I stretched my hand towards the light, and it filled me, flooded through me and into the earth beneath my feet. It was as if light from the heavenly realm passed through me to fill the heart of the mountain.

It was a very strange but wonderful experience, yet with a certain sense of urgency. Although I didn’t understand too much, I knew that something remarkable was going on in Agri. Based on what I’d been shown earlier, I concluded that it probably was related to the ongoing peace process, and that perhaps the old vulcanic anger inside the mountain was about to be turned from aggression to peace. Little did I know that peace was threatened at that very time and place!

I forgot about the incident, until I heard there had been deadly clashes between PKK and the Turkish military in Agri, putting the peace process at stakes. Yesterday, the 17th of April, I read how amazingly well the kurds had handled the situation, even sacrificing their own lives for peace to prevail. To be honest I was in awe seeing the perfect battle against tyranny, fought in the true spirit of Gandhi, using truth and goodness as the most powerful tools. “This has to be divinely insipired” I thought to myself, but I still didn’t see any connections to my own Agri “event”.

It was not until the next morning, that a peculiar thought struck me right out of nowhere: Could my experience possibly be somehow connected to the clashes? I quickly went to my journal to check dates and chills went down my spine as I realised that they happened exactly at the same time and place, the 11th of April! It just couldn’t be a coincidence..

For those who don’t know the story, this is how Kurdish media presented it: Turkish troops were sent to a peaceful area close to Agri to provoke clashes with the Kurdish military unit there. Deaths would be used as propaganda to slander the Kurds, especially the pro-Kurdish political party HDP, and blame them for ending the peace process. But things didn’t unfold that way. Although attacked, the Kurdish soldiers only shot at the enemy’s feet to defend themselves and killed no soldiers. A few Kurdish civilians was killed though, including a HDP member, as they jumped in as human shields ..not to defend their own soldiers, but rather to defend the Turkish intruders, in the name of peace. (Note that the Turkish government presented a very different version of the event. I don’t claim to know the truth, but personally I believe the Kurdish version is most reliable).

I am no expert and my focus is on a different continent, but in my spirit I know that something very profound happened that day. God’s light was present in Agri and for some reason He let me be a witness to it. Those who died didn’t die for nothing. They gave their life for peace, to secure the future of a nation. Now it is up to the people, every single one, to carry on in that spirit through their everyday choices, to maintain and value the gift they’ve been given. For peace, freedom and loving equality can only come to those who live by the same principles.

As I was writing this, even more amazing elements surfaced. An old dream came to mind and I realised it had been a foreshadow. Months earlier I’d dreamt that I was with a Kurdish man and a soldier in an area close to Agri, and in the mountain side I saw the shape of both a DNA and Noah’s Ark, as if merged together. Mount Ararat is indeed the location where the remnants of the ark is thought to have been found..

I didn’t understand it all but I sensed a hidden mystery. Without really knowing what I was looking for, I checked the date in a Jewish calendar, just to see if it could possibly correspond with a Jewish holiday or something. I didn’t expect a thing, but what I found was both astonishing and puzzling.

The 11th of April was the last day of the passover, the time when Moses led the Israelites out of slavery, and also the same day that Christ rose from the dead to allow all of mankind to be freed from captivity. It was a time of a new era, for new beginnings, and that specific day is called “the day of the first fruit”. Noah’s Ark was a symbol of the same thing, a new beginning for mankind.

Will this area once again provide a new beginning for mankind or does it speak something totally different? To be honest I don’t know what it means. I just know that God was there and none of this was a coincidence..

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