Preparing for the Anti-Christ

The 13th of Februar 2015 I had a slightly creepy dream related to (Anti) Christ. I was shown an app or program with a list of actions, functions or events. Next to each action was a head, like a profile image. The were no faces or photos, only silhouettes of heads, the way it is displayed in social media when a participant does not upload an image. The heads most likely represent leaders, man in general or the forces influencing us. The identity was unknown, but stil it revealed a certain pattern.

Ten of the actions (and corresponding heads) had already been performed. The rest of the events were about to unfold, one by one, in a specific order. In the dream, I knew the heads were like Christ heads, but they were not good. In fact the heads went from dark grey to black on the remaining list. It was a gradual transition, like a gradient on the grey scale, transcending from white in the beginning to black at the end. I believe this signifies the nature of the world growing darker step by step and the upcoming events that must come to pass before Christ returns.

Basically, as Christ approaches and His light comes closer, so does the anti-forces and darkness grows. It will get darker and darker as things are lined up to enter the scenes, but God is still in control and has prepared a glorious way.

The 16th of May 2015 I had a related dream and it was basically a rehersal for the Anti-Christ to come. I saw someone paving the way, going through all the steps, preparing all the documents, agreements, deals, settings and requirements needed for the real person to enter the stage .and fullfill hisĀ missionĀ It was like a final rehersal testing the system, the costumes and checking the stage to secure a great performance.

The scenes are being set for the Anti-Christ to appear and we could expect to see him as the leader of the UN in a not too distant future. All the required elements are being put in place and it seems that a specific person will even pave the way before the real persona arrives. Don’t get fooled by anyone claiming to know who the Anti-Christ is, cause we don’t really know that yet. But based on the ancient scriptures and prophecies we do know that it will the one who stops the animal sacrifices in the (yet to be built) third temple in Jerusalem.

So it is still years ahead! ..and in the mean while “grey substance” must be eliminated until it is all either black or white, as good is separated from evil, the wheat from the tares. May truth come forth and all eyes be opened! God’s glorious plan will trump all of darkness!

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