A Different Game in Sochi

The 18th of June 2015 I was minding my own business, preparing to go to bed, when the word “Sochi” came to me. At first I rejected it but it didn’t stop and I started thinking “Isn’t that the Russian city where the Olympic Games were?”. I wouldn’t bet much on it as my knowledge of sports and geography is terrible, but I found out later it was indeed so. Not only is Sochi a Russian city, but it is located in the southern part of Russia close to Ukraine and Georgia, the same area that I had been shown earlier in “The Russian Bear”.

150615 A Different Game in Sochi effect

With this in mind I went back to my routine, but soon I saw a gigantic hand come up from the land, from the soil in Sochi. The hand reached into the sky and plucked down a branch that looked like the branch of an olive tree. As the hand descended the branch grew dark and the hand held it in a tight grip, as if it was a prisoner. The hand went up again, and yet again, until it had three branches in it’s iron grip.

I never saw the actual tree but it must have been incredibly huge with it’s crown of leaves reaching into the heavens. “What is the tree?” I wondered, and the answer came quicker than my thoughts: “It is My tree” I heard and I understood that the tree symbolized the representatives of God on earth branching out like nations, leaders and people.

As I saw the huge hand holding the three branches, I heard the word “deploy”. Then everything for hundreds of miles around it turned into grey, lifeless dust. There were no color, no purpose, no glory, no joy, no hope… just emptiness and self destructive indifference.

Then the focus shifted and I saw the Austrian mountains and to my surprise devilish masks and symbols. I soon understood that whatever is going on in Sochi is related to the latest Bilderberg meeting in Austria and the satanic global agenda of the power elite.

So what goes on in Sochi? I did a quick search and found that last year Putin met with China’s president there, and this spring he met US John Kerry there. It might be a coincidence, but I believe the three branches that was plucked off of God’s tree, were three major nations, possibly China, USA and Russia, that will be used by dark powers to try to bring forth desolation and destruction to all corners of the earth.

I am not saying that China, USA and Russia are bad nations, but rather that there are powers behind the scenes wanting to use these nations to gain world dominion. The closed hand, the unfriendly fist, is a symbol of the labour of man, control, power abuse, defiance, enslavement and… communism.

I couldn’t help thinking of an old term, “the ICCC” or the International Communist Capitalist Conspiracy, a conspiracy thought to have been formed by the highest elite, using a combination of capitalism and communism as tools to enslave you and me. It sounded surreal when I first heard of it 20 years ago, but now it seems to slowly unfold before our eyes and we can see people being stripped of basic rights every day.

Are they plotting to discredit Putin in order to replace him with an evil leader with no restrictions? A non-believer that don’t oppose the New World Order but instead support the sinister plan? Whatever is in the cards, it seems that a whole different game is being played in Sochi, a game that will impact the world. Let’s pray that the schemes are exposed and stopped, and that the men behind it are held accountable. Remember, God is still in control!

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Update, 30th of September, 2015:
Putin, Obama and China’s leader mets recently in the UN general assembly to discuss the war in the Middle East and other world issues. Putin confronted lies and incompetence in the US strategy and put a spear against cruel and corrupt developements. This greatly improved his credibility and international power and the question is how will the ruling elite respond to that…