Licence to Kill?

It was the 12. of August 2015 and I felt a sudden sadness. Personally I had no reason to be sad, so I went into prayer to get understanding. I was soon comforted and heard the words “I am with you” followed by “Look up”. With my inner eyes I looked up to the sky and I expected something wonderful up there. The sky was slightly clouded and I saw a flock of dark birds with long wings, long legs and long beaks flying across the sky. I hesitated a bit as it didn’t seem bright and lovely, in fact it felt a bit creepy.

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“What are they?” I asked and the answer was “They are not mine” followed by “They have no babies”. At first I didn’t understand but then I realized that the birds looked exactly like storks, without the classical baby wrapped in linnen though. They didn’t seem to carry anything, untill I noticed one of them with a black skeleton of a baby, as if it was burned.

As I kept watching their numbers grew and soon there were hords and hords of birds. Then it was as if they were sucked into a black hole, a “vortex of hell”. In the center of the vortex there was a huge satanic fire. The flames were raging tall and wide and they were fueled by sacrificed babies. It was at that point I knew that I was watching the abortion practice, seen from a spiritual perspective.

Not only were the babies killed, but their God-given destiny was aborted and consumed in the fire as well. They came to do good, but the hords of hell cut them off in their desperate and cruel attempt to maintain their power in this world.

Normally we don’t think of abortion this way, it’s merely seen as a convenient proceedure allowing more personal choice, guarding the quality of life. Few think of it as a part of a satanic ritual! And the argumentation for abortion is understandable indeed. But still, would you think differently if you knew you were feeding and empowering the fires of hell on earth when supportng or participating in abortion practices?

Abortion is a widely accepted practice and, according to the vision, a truly evil practice that can bring judgement on people and nations. Just as you would face consequences for killing a child or an adult person, so there are also consequences for killing the unborn. You may argue that there are no laws claiming so, and you are right. There may not be any civil laws against it, and that is why entire nations may see judgement coming. The lack of civil laws does not change or erase the universal God-given laws. In fact, you can never break a universal law, you can only break your neck trying. So don’t forget that there are laws, given by our ultimate Ruler, and they are there to defend good, whether we understand it or not.

Awareness is the clue. Unborn babies come with a spiritual Identity, a soul and awareness, a God-given purpose and a unique gift to share with the world. They are priceless unknown friends, not just a lump of biological tissue. Seeing it this way, how could we ever think of abortion as an option? You would never consider killing your friend, or neighbor, even if they could be a burden at times.

You may argue that there are too many people on earth anyway, or that you may get pregnant when you can’t handle it. And you may be right, but is killing babies the solution? I believe we need to embrace the fact that having sex comes with great responsibility, it could create a baby, and the destiny of that soul is put in our hands. We need to consider that before being intimate with someone. Is it less fun to be responsible? Perhaps, at least in the moment, but the long term effects of having killed a baby are not so awesome either.

Still accidents happen, and a pregnancy can come in the worst situations, but keep or kill are not the only options. Adoption is always a possibility when pregnancy comes in harsh or unfavourable circumstances. I promise, in your gut and in your soul, you will always feel better when you choose to defend life, especially innocent lives.

Did you know that British hospitals throw aborted babies into furnaces and burn them to generate power for heat? They may see it as a part of a recycling policy, but having had the vision it is hard not to see it as a sacrificial ritual…

And did you know that some abortion clinics push and pay women to abort their babies? Why? Because they earn huge amounts of money by harvesting baby organs and sell them to research institutions for unknown purposes. A series of undercover videos has recently been released, exposing this illegal practice.

Pushing abortions for profit is bad enough, but did you know that satanic cults engage heavily in the fight for the right to abort babies as a part of their religion? When baby brains become big business, and satanists want to kill them for religious purposes, then I’m out! This is NOT something I want to support. Do you?

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