Turkey’s Future Is In Your Hands

In a vision of Turkey, before the June election, I saw that the Turkish president, Erdogan, would fall to the left, as if falling from a steady cliff. And indeed his party, the AKP, lost their majority in parliament due to the great support for the leftist opposition party, the HDP. I expected the situation to improve by this, but in the vision I was shown that it was a bit more complicated.

150818 Erdogans Fall color5

I was shown that Erdogan’s “fall” would lead to a period of instability, a period where noone would stand on solid ground. What was earlier safe and predictable would now become shaky and unpredictable. ..it all seems to unfold before our eyes right now. But please keep on reading cause I was not only shown the challenges ahead, but the solutions as well, the things that you and I can do to make a change for the better.

So what could that be? Well it is truly simple, so simple that most will probably reject it. I was shown that in this period of instability, the future of the nation would depend on the Turkish people, the purity of their hearts and their everyday choices. Would they line up with truth and all that is good or would they accept lies and embrace evil? I pray that they will make wise choices, based on love, in all matters, and thereby bless themselves, their neighbors and their nation.

Will you pray with me? Will you be an example of love and goodness in all of your daily activities? Will you inspire others to do the same?

What exactly does it mean to do good, and not evil, you may ask.. Well, following the ten commandments is a very good start, all religions, even atheists, seem to agree upon that. Yes I know.. that means no cheating, no stealing, no lying, no riots, no hatred, no violence, no revenge, and instead seeking God’s will in everything, more than your own will. Yeah, I know it sounds horrible! ..but seriously, if that is what it takes to get peace and blessings, a good life, don’t you think it’s worth it?

You may say: Why would it matter what I do, it is the nation’s rulers that makes all decisions. But don’t forget that the REAL ruler is our Creator and He sees and cares about what YOU do. He even makes His decisions based on what all of you do. He forgives you as you forgive others. He blesses you as you bless others. He helps you as you help others. He is good to you as you are good to others. He fills you with His love as you choose to love others. Please choose well :)

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