Arab Spring or Gandhi?

In December 2014 I had a dream about Turkey and I was shown that satan had gone wild in the streets. People engaged in violent demonstrations, anger and riots and it was satan that worked through them. He hardened their hearts as they chose his destructive ways. Turkey was in general a peaceful nation at the time I had the dream, but now it’s on the brink of a civil war.

141212 Arab Spring or Gandhi

It was made crystal clear in the dream, that this kind of rebellion was NOT God’s will. It is natural to react with anger when injustice strikes, but the only one that benefits from revenge is the devil!

Why? Because those who embody satan’s attributes, such as anger, hatred, revenge, violence and strife, give him power. They give him permission to rule, they give him access to their lives and he then shapes the outcome of situations. The more we live like him, the more we let him rule. Therefore anger, strife and riots seems to be exactly what he wants and people should not engage in it.

But we are fighting for a good cause, you may say, for justice! But did freedom and justice ever come to those who dedicating their lives to the Arab Spring? They had good reasons to react and they risked their lives for what they believed in, but did any of them get what they hoped for? The answer is NO. Most of them are worse off and ruled by new dictators or radical islamists now.

Hopefully it will never go that far in Turkey, but perhaps the only way to avoid it is by learning from the past. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes that Libya and Syria made. Be aware, for even if you fight for the best reasons in the world, if the nation turns into chaos, there will be evil forces waiting to take over power! Don’t let them do so!

How can we stop it? By embodying the opposite qualities, the qualities of a loving God, such as love, forgiveness, peace, brotherhood, generousity and understanding! The enemy is not the group with different opinions or political preferences than you. The enemy is satan and he works through anyone who loves strife and ego-based destruction. Therefore you may have to work with, and even love, your “enimy”, those that you used to hate, because that is the only way to give satan NO ACCESS.

We need to learn from history and Gandhi is a valuable example. He led a provoking campaign for change in an absolutely non-violent way. You may think that is stupid, but he was a very intelligent man and in the end he won. He succeeded in his mission and India gained it’s freedom in a peaceful way.

So what was his strategy, what was his secret weapon? NO violence, NO anger, NO destruction, ONLY words of truth, determination and a willingness to suffer for the cause. By deliberately staying away from all evil, spending hours in faste and prayers and refusing to harm anyone, even if he was attacked, he exposed the evil in his oppressors in a powerful way. This way he gained favor by both God and mankind, and the results were good and stable.

Dear Turkey, will you do the same? Will you choose love and forgivenss instead of anger and destruction? Will you choose peaceful ways or ruin your homeland? Chose well my friends and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Update 13th of September, 2015:
A prominent deputy, Leyla Zana from the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), warned she would go on a hunger strike if the daily acts of violence in Turkey would not come to an end. In a political rally in a southeast region she said “I would prefer to die rather than watch people dying”. We salute you Leyla, may the people and especially the youth listen to you!