A Historic Timeline

The 20th of September 2015 I dreamt that I was walking with a large group of people along a row of majestic mountains in Turkey. There must have been at least fifteen large mountains, rising with rough edges in shades of blue and lined up in a straight row behind us. Lush green vegetation and conifer trees grew at the feet of the mountains and below the trees there was a fjord, almost like a river. It was a spectacular scenary!

150920 Historic Timeline

We were walking on the edge towards the water, outside a row of trees guarding the ordinary path. On the way we were directed and sometimes warned not to go too far out etc. The dream was related to large amounts of refugees in some way and on the way we picked wild corn that was growing here and there. Then I was suddenly brushing my teeth in a bathroom.

It may sound like a strange dream, but here’s what I believe it means. The mountains are kingdoms, empires that have been or will be seated in Turkey. They form a historic timeline of greatness from some of the earliest civilizations to the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empire. They brough worldly abundance (lush green vegetation) and by their feet a row of strong leaders (conifer trees) for each mountain. The water is the flow of spirit allowing the growth and abundance.

The picking and eating of corn illustrated both the abundance and gaining understanding. Yellow is a color for wisdom and eating is like consuming spiritual food to extract nutrients, or wisdom and insight. Brushing teeth basically means to cleanse and refine the ability to understand as teeth are needed to chew on things in order to understand. So all of these elements seem to confirm or point to the same issue – greater understanding.

I believe the dream tells us that we are on the edge of a historic timeline. There is a greater plan in all of this and we will soon witness a new chapter in history, possibly a new mountain of greatness rising in Turkey. Will it be initiated by a conquering war or separation from the Kurdistan region? Unfortunately I don’t believe greatness will equal goodness, but only time will tell. At least we are entering a new era with great demographic changes. Something huge is in the making, and it has already begun with the great refugee influx. We need to look at the events in a historic perspective, and we (at least I) need to refine our understanding to be able to grasp the big picture.

I pray that we all will be blessed with insight, eyes to see and ears to hear, so that we may know the times in which we live and how to respond to them. May we all hear the directions and warnings of what to do and what not to do. May we walk safely on God’s extraordinary paths without being limited by the worldly leaders. And may all the changes and challenges ahead be used for God’s purposes as we walk with Him in one mind and one spirit.

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Update, 19th of October 2015:
Angela Merkel wants to speed up Turkey’s Close to burried EU application. It will not create an instant empire but it’s interesting to see how things are moving.