A President and a Beast

There is a certain president that keeps coming to me in visions. His name I will not share and his nation will remain unspoken, all I can say is that he is not in the US. For more than six months I saw him as if he was consumed by darkness, breathing heavily with dark steam coming out of his nostrils, like a furious animal, or a possessed man.

150924 A President and a Beast color

He himself is not that evil. No man in himself can incarnate such intense levels of evil, not without the company of evil spirits and dark spiritual forces. So I prayed for him! I prayed that Christ would embrace him and set him free so that he would not have to be held responsible for the spiritual crimes the darkness would lead him to do. I prayed he would get unto a new path.

A few months ago a new vision started coming. No longer did I see the president with a black cord of “anti-light” connected to the crown of his head (the opposite of what an enlightened individual would have). No longer did I see him breath with fury like a raging bull. Instead I saw a strange, dark figure next to him.

The vision keeps coming, again and again, and although I can only see the silhouette of the new figure, I can tell that it is not a normal person. He is taller than the president, and dark, and he has a head like an animal. It is hard to ignore the obvious similarities to the looks of satan. Does this mean that this president is posessed by satan or an evil spirit? Or does it mean that he is worshipping the old Egyptian God’s?

Well, it could be, I just see images, so I don’t truly know. But my gut feeling tells me that this may be related to the anti-Christ. Could it be that this president is already in direct contact with the man that we later will know as the anti-Christ? Could he be a close ally or a powerful figure working in the shadows? After all it is indeed likely that the anti-Christ is already here, interacting with top political figures as a preparation for his “coming”.

Regardless of who the anti-Christ is and when he comes, I pray that we all will be awake and able to see through the smooth lies and deception. I also urge all believers to pray for their leaders, their politicians and figures in power. No matter what they are convinced of today, their views can be changed. God can speak to them in a dream or open their eyes at any time, and prayer is the fuel that we can add to the table to see such changes happen. Therefore we say, not our will God, not the will of fallen men, but Your will be done!

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