The Creation of America

I’ve always liked America, the God-loving nation of the brave and the free. I never spent any time wondering how or why it was founded though, but the 17th of September 2015 I was educated on the topic in a dream. Basically I dreamt that America was a nation of freedom, founded by God, and I was shown the history that made it happen. What I am about to share may be obvious to many, but for me it was new and I was told to share it online so that more people could see it the same way.

150917 The Creation of America

So what did I dream? Well, first I saw the heavy religious and political persecution that took place in Europe centuries ago. Great suffering and serious threats caused multitudes to flee, or migrate, to the US. Those who overcame had seen horrors of evil like tyranny and disasters. They had gained valuable wisdom and their hearts were on fire for liberty and goodness for all. In this spirit, with an intense desire engraved upon their hearts, they founded and shaped the United States of America, like a spear-head for the ways of God and a light in a lost world.

Please do not misunderstand, I am not trying to glorify the downsides of America. I am not sayng that the founders were perfect or their acts impeccable. I am not saying that they managed to uphold the pure intent or that the US is a perfect light to the world today. Not at all. A lot of bad choices were made, all the way from the start, and probably more than ever today! Still the original intent was true and the purpose real, regardless of how it was handled.

Now, back to the dream.. I was shown that the spirit that caused the early migrants and the founding fathers to strive for God’s blessings with such sincerity, was the key. Oppression and persecution had stirred up a longing for something better, something blessed by God. And it was indeed this pure longing, caused by suffering and darkness, that made the doors open for them. Their longing pleased God and He blessed them, and thus the suffering actually played a crucial role in shaping the nation, it’s values and course.

So could America ever have become such a blessed nation without the background of persecution? Based on the dream I don’t think so. It makes me wonder if we, mankind, are simply too selfish to produce precious pearls by desire. Do we need a pain or an evil to overcome, in order to dig deep enough to loose sight of our own ego? Do we have to have a threatening enemy in order to unite and dedicate our lives to what really matters? Surely there are exceptions, but is this really what the majority of people needs in order to wake up and start operating on a higher spiritual level?

If so I certainly hope that persecution will rise and suffering spread! For what is more valuable than the gold of awakening souls? Surely I don’t want darkness, but if that is what it takes, then please God, do what is necessary. And in fact, if we look around, it may seem as if that is exactly what is happening. Dark clouds are forming and gradually they get darker, everywhere. But don’t be scared, for the light is getting stronger as well! God is using the storms to awaken us. He uses them to tune us in to a higher calling, and He will be with us all the way.

So does this mean that God wants us to suffer? No I don’t think so! Still the Bible tells us that we learn in suffering, and isn’t that exactly what the creation of America showed us? Let’s continue focusing on America and see what most often happens when there is little or no suffering..

Generation by generation the American people slowly forgot what their forefathers had learned, and the fire within them grew smaller and colder. God was no longer the first priority. He was replace by convenience and pleassure, the opposite of suffering. They indulged increasingly in the pleassures of the world and lived to please themselves, just like the rest of the world. Eventually, they became shallow and spiritually dumb.

Of course I am not talking about every single American person, but the general masses, the average. Wisdom was replaced by ignorance and godly manners was replaced by ungodly. This allowed them to come under attack, as a consequence or even judgement, and I saw in the dream that the nation is currently being harrassed by devils from within. Not because people in general are evil, but because they are sleeping. This once so glorious nation is on the edge of falling to the ground, and who will hold the spear of liberty if it does?

I was shown that this is not an American problem, it is a world issue. Not really due to economic aspect, but due to far greater values. American people has been and are still called to be promoters of light and freedom for mankind, for the people and not just the leaders. It is like a nation of Davids standing up against the Goliaths of tyranny. Are they doing great job at it at the moment? No they’re not, but America’s true purpose and calling remains the same, even though evil powers within the nation work overtime to twist and pervert God’s original plan.

What we need to understand is that America is not just a symbol for the world. It is more like a barometer of the world, reflecting the levels of light and freedom in general. So If the US falls, there will be little or no light and freedom left for anyone. So even if she is failing at the moment, struggling in her own self-created mess like a shameful hypocrite, should we turn our backs to her, mock her, tear her down or hate her? No, the solution is to pray for her, fight for her to be purged of evil and restored her to her original intent!

So what does all of this teach us? Do we need suffering to prevent lights to turn into darkness? Are there not more gentle ways? I believe there are, and the more willing we are, the more gentle God may direct us. But the problem is that our ego and the world keeps getting in the way, distracting us. So the real question is, can we focus, listen, deny our own flesh and worldly desires, accept that we are deadly wrong in so many areas, without any kind of opposition? The question is not how much do we have to suffer, but what does it take to get us where we need to be..

Please know that this is not a post to make you scared, quite contrary, I write that we may see clearly and thus generate hope. The growing darkness that we see around us, is in reality an invitation to stir up a greater light within us. Will you climb higher with me? Will you cast away fear and acknowledge that evil is here to help us produce precious pearls and take a firm and solid stand for the light?

Remember that God always has a greater plan, he knows all and sees all and when evil tries to kill and enslave, God will use the overcomers to plant seeds of His glory. This has always been the case and what is meant for harm, He can use for good. So be of good faith my friends, trust Him and know that as you walk with Him, you help give birth to the “new world” of our time.

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Update, 20th of October 2015:
I stumbled across this video with Jim Bakker and Rick Wiles that shares a truly startling clear picture of the present condition, battle and prognosis for America, and the world. A must see!