Thundering Judgement

It was 2010 and I had been led into a trap, a dangerous situation with high levels of conflict and possibly devastating results. I didn’t really know the dangers at hand, only partially, and I thought the worst was over and tried to forget about the issues. But then I had a dream that made me tremble to the core.

Thundering judgement color

I’m not sure if I should call it a dream or a “nightly experience”, cause it was different than anything I’d experienced before. I was kind of sleeping, yet I was very aware and convinced I was awake the whole time. I even responded to sounds and elements around me, outside of the dream. So, was it a good dream? Well, that depends on how you look at it. The dream helped me tremendously, but I was scared to death while it happened.

Basically I struggled the entire night, thinking that I wasn’t able to sleep. I turned this way, then the other way… unable to get any rest. The reason I couldn’t sleep was that I was so freaked out by 4-5 people standing right next to my bed. ..of course there were noone there in the natural, but on a spiritual level I had company!

It would have been lovely to have heavenly hosts or angels next to my bed, but this little group had not come to sing a lullaby! Their presence was so strong and so hostile that it was simply impossible to sleep, or rest in my sleep. I knew all of them. It was a muslim-mafia-style gang that had directed all of their hatred at me. It was the people involved in the trap and conflicts I had struggled with in real life. I was terrified!

Their hatred against me was so intense that it filled the entire room. Their destructive power was solely directed on me, to harm me, and it was a war on my life. Boy was I in trouble!

Dark forces was working through them and they did things that was almost like whitch craft or black magic. It was as if they charged the air with their power and half of the night I literally thought that I was hovering above the mattress. I was convinced I was awake and floating 50 cm above my bed, with my duve another 20 cm above me. It was as if the evil force kept me hanging there helplessly in loose air for ages, destroying my life completely.

Flying and elevating can be fun, but being attacked and controlled by pure evil is not fun. Every inch of their wrath went through my bones and paralysed me completely. Of course my physical body never levitated, but in the state I was in I really thought so.

Then I heard an intense row of thunders, in real life outside my window, and a loud voice proclaiming “The Court of the Sacred Fire” like thunder inside my head. I knew it was God’s court, the place He makes final decisions or judgements over life and death, judging fairly based on all aspects involved in a souls journey. I love God’s justice because it is based on truth and love, but I can assure you, in the dream I was terrified by that as well.

I had the muslim black magic mafia on my left side and the thundering judge of God on the other, and quite frankly I didn’t know who to fear the most. Both of them had the power to crush me and it was like a war was being waged between the two, with me in the middle. Surely I knew God was good (although scary) but would I find favour in Him? Did He support my acts or had I set myself up for judgement? I had made many mistakes so what if I deserved to be crushed?

I was indeed hanging in loose air, but I pleeded with God and hoped that He would see my struggle, my good deeds and better intents and step in to protect me, defend me in a righteous way.

I woke up by the thunders outside my window and I was still trembling. The event stayed vividly with me for days and weeks, and even makes me shiver a little bit today. I gave the whole conflict to God, asked Him to solve it His way, no matter the consequences, I gave up my own will and my say in it.

I found out some months later that about the time I had the dream, the little “mafia” had a meeting and agreed to launch a devastating attack against me. Something that threatened to tear my entire life apart. Luckily I had given it all to God, asked for forgiveness for my imperfections and left it to Him to sort things justly.

I didn’t know back then, but thunder is a symbol of both God’s roaring, rumbling voice, and also of judgement.

In the five years of struggle that followed, God was with me and defended me. Bit by bit I was set free and I learned that God is indeed in control! We truly can put our trust in Him for He is a loving father that cares about us all the time, even if we are not perfect.

He has some rules, like the ten commandments, and we need to respect them to get the fullness of His blessings. Still if we fail, His loving mercy is as large as our willingness to ask for forgivness. We may have to go through things, but He will walk with us :)

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