End Time Vision

Some months ago I dreamt that I climbed up to a large jacuzzi outside on a hillside. A man called Paul cleansed the pool of old leaves and rubbish before I could enter. The water was dark red and flushed like living water from a spring. Comfortably seated in the jacuzzi I realised that I had a perfect view of the sunset. I was high up and the shape of the surrounding valley allowed me to see the sun and light on the sky to the very end.

What does the dream mean? As we rise in consciousness and climb higher, we will see more. The pool of living water is the spirit of God and the blood of Christ that has saved us. The name “Paul” means humble, and through humility we can cleanse out old “truths” (leaves) and rubbish, so that we are only in the pure spirit of God.

And the sunset represents the end times.. The more we are in God’s spirit, the clearer we will see the contexts and events of the final days, the time where everything will change. Did you know that we are in the end times?