In the Name of Terrorism

In 2014 I dreamt that Obama gave a speech in Turkey. He presented his plans to secure people against terrorism. A terrible terror attack had happened the day before, possibly caused by ISIS. Now Obama responded and said that after what had happened yesterday new security meassures had to be taken. I understood that he was talking about new laws, rules and routines to prevent terrorism.

In the name of terror

Many were pleased to hear this, but in the dream, I knew it was a lie. His intention was not at all to protect people, but rather to change the rules of nations to gain more control and power over them. The event had been planned and carried out by forces working for the ruling elite in order to create fear. They had created the crisis and they used terrorism as a tool to strip people of their civil rights and freedom.

Obama and his allies presented themselves as “saviors” coming to protect and defend the population, but they were wolfs in sheep’s clothings.

When I received the dream I was not sure if Obama represented himself or the international rulers in general. And I wasn’t sure if the dream spoke of ONE significant event, or a general pattern being played out through many events. But I was certain that the situation was staged for one specific purpose, – to strip people of civil rights and freedom.

The 13th of November 129 people were killed in Paris by a major ISIS attack. The same day a planned terror attack was prevented in Istanbul. The next day Obama attended the G20 meeting in Antalya, Turkey, and presented his plans to counter terrorism. I had no idea Obama would come to Turkey, and far less that a major terror attack would happen the day before. I mean, seriously, how often does Obama hold a speech in Turkey? ..the day after a terror attack?!

I believe this was the event the dream spoke about. I believe Obama represented both himself and the ruling elite that supports him. I believe the dream spoke of this single event, and at the same time a pattern of many events caused by the same reasons. The elite is playing us to get full control, don’t trust them!

Terrorism needs to be handled and stopped, but any plan that involves giving up our God-given rights, such as freedom of speech or the right to privacy, is a wrong plan. Why? Because terrorism is bad, but global slavery is worse. Don’t put your trust in the worldly leaders. God is the only one that can give us real safety.

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