Cruelty is in the Air

There is an unease in the air. Can you feel it? Ever since we entered the month of October I have felt the difference. A new period has begun and the difference between good and evil is more evident. The light is lighter and the dark is darker, good is better and more pure, and evil is more sinister and harsh.

We may not see the fruits of it yet, but we will as it is already here in energy. It is as if demons and dark spirits are crawling around in all the evil affairs of governments and basically everywhere. Whoever “sleeps” may walk into it without knowing, but those that are aware may see the way and the truth clearer than ever.

The stakes are higher as well. The price and consequences for sins are higher, and so are the rewards and blessings for righteousness. God may we all be awake to see and hear what is moving on the horizon. Guide and protect those that are aware and listen, and shake those that are still sleeping so that they too may see and hear and know. Time is short.