China Is Coming

“Look up” I heard. It was the 20th of November 2015. I looked up and saw a red star with fragments of yellow. “What do you see?” I heard and I answered without really understanding what I said “I see China”.

151120 China Is ComingThen I saw red and a star in a way that reminded me of the Chinese flag. It spread towards the west and colored the Middle East, the countries south of the Mediterranean Sea and all the way to America. Then I heard “China is coming” again and again.

I had to check the Chinese flag as I wasn’t 100% certain what it looked like. It was red with a large yellow star and four smaller. Spot on! It seems clear that China is coming, but I don’t know in what manner. Will they gain influence, buy property, take over trade, wage war against terrorists or invade? Time will tell. Pray for God’s will!