A Floating Circus

The 22nd of November 2015 I dreamt that I was in America. I saw huge pumps and artificial installations to ensure that water was flowing in nature. It was as if they had destroyed God’s perfection and lost the natural flow, now even natural water had to be forced and regulated like it is done in fountains and irrigation systems in parks.

151122 A Floating Circus

We were outside Disney Land and the scary part was that we were outside it. Inside Disney Land we could expect fake facades, controlled systems and strange cartoony figures. But we were on the outside and saw all of these things in enormous sizes. Gigantic chunks had been cut out of mountains to install equally gigantic pumps and here and there there were huge spooky cartoony figures, kind of hidden, next to the installations.

I saw that people willingly lost the solid ground under their feet and were pulled into the water. Large ships moved around on the waters like patrolling propaganda machines. The ships were like very strange looking war ships, not friendly. They were armed, twisted and perverted with what looked like cartoony front figures.

People didn’t really understand that they were armed. The pastel colored ships and strange cartoony looks made people forget about the huge rockets and strange looking weapons on board. They had never seen these kinds of weapons, it all looked different than what we are used to. So the whole thing was like a new trend, cool and modern kind of. It was like a crazy floating circus that somehow had managed to become the norm.

As I woke up I realized that the ships and the front figures were American politicians.It was the “scent” of Hillary that made me understand that.¬†Armed leaders with unfamiliar weapons creating movements in the masses, for their own twisted purposes, including war.

The dream showed me that the election process is rigged and manipulated, artificially kept alive and perverted. It is so far away from truth and the natural flow that it has turned cartoony and surreal. Still people are pulled into it and believe it and¬†join the new trend. You may not need this article to see that, but I received this dream way before the circus started and US politics was NOT on my daily radar. So for those who already know, take this as a colorful confirmation, and for those who think the system is just fine… think again.

May the words of truth and sanity break through and may the light of God shine so that those who can will see. May the illusion be broken and the leaders true nature and intentions be revealed. May the good leaders and people of God be heard and lifted, brought into focus as a contrast to the surreal scenes of mainstream life. So that all may remember that God is good, God is perfection and God is real!