A War-Torn Turkey

In October 2015 I passed one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey by car. I looked out the window at the crystal clear aquamarine sea and the lush olive trees framing it all. It was an absolutely normal, warm and peaceful day. Still it was as if music was playing inside my head when I looked out on the moving landscape. Beautiful classical music, matching the stunning scenary, just like in a movie.

eiendom 076

So far it sounds really good, but what I saw was in great contrast to the rest. I should have been consumed by thoughts about beach life, summer and simple things like what to have for lunch. But with my eyes I saw a completely different scenario.

I saw a currently happy, peaceful and abundant Turkey, fade into a war-torn place with depression and shortages. I saw anger getting angrier, conflicts getting tenser and differences make people divided. I saw benches and public areas deteriorate and fall apart because noone had the money or materials to repair it. I saw drastic degeneration, right around the corner, and people were absolutely ignorant of it. They had no idea that evil was almost poking them in the face. I knew this was what would happen if people don’t change.

The 24th of November, a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey. Then one of the pilots were shot dead by rebels and the Russian rescue helicopter blown up. It seems that we are indeed one step closer to World War 3. This is the time to deicate your life to a loving God. May God protect us all and show us how to repent and prepare.

Below is the biblical reference to the sixth trumpet war (or world war 3 as we most likely will call it) that we can expect to come shortly.

“Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them.

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Update, 28th of November, 2015:
Putin approved economic santions on Turkey. Income reductions and shortages may start already this winter..