The Horseman of Fake Food

The 5th of April 2015 I dreamt of The Horseman of Fake Food. I dreamt that people had the choice to either elect or dethrone him now by using their free will.

150405 Horseman of Fake Food

I had never heard of any horseman of fake food and the dream gave no explanation. But it is almost impossible not to connect the dream to the prophetic biblical scriptures about the four horsemen, and that is what I believe it relates to.

In Revelation 6 we learn that there will come four horsemen in the last days, and each of them will bring wide scale tragedies and suffering to the world. These are things that has to happen, in sequence, before Christ can return and God’s Kingdom be established.

The first horse is white and related to fake peace and power. The second horse is red and related to war and strife. The third horse is black and related to food shortages or unbearable high food prices. The forth horse is pale (light sickly greenish) and relates to death by war, famine and illness.

Please keep in mind that I do NOT believe that any of these prophetic events neccessarily have started, or happened. And I am not certain if the horse I was shown was the black or the pale/green. What I do believe is that elements have been set in motion and foundations prepared. And as these things are happening, we, the people, have the choice to say reject or accept.

I might be wrong, and it might just be a coincidence, but it is striking how the race for genetically modified foods (GMO) and new high-tech forms of agriculture have had a peak right now. They’ve been on a world wide conquest to make nations not only approve but commit to (or reject) their fake food products. The move has been a part of the international “trade” agreements TPP and TTIP, which are designed to, or at least attempts to, override national souvereignity.

Could it be that all who have approved these sci-fi-agriculture programs have enthroned The Horseman of Fake Food? Could it be that the consequences of these programs will lead to the famine and illness described in the bible in years to come? Could we even see agri-terrorism emerge through this, making ordinary food poisonous?

It is not unlikely. The very same night I had this dream, I also dreamt of the mystery of the shemitah. of 2000 years and that all that was not of God would fall. Guys, we live in perilous times and I thank God for every nation, every farmer, every person that says NO to playing games with creation. I’m old fashion and I’m proud of it!

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