Illuminati Goes Green

The 3rd of March 2015 I dreamt that a series of “GO GREEN” videos would be launched through a third party. I knew the initiative was related to health, ecofriendly systems and environmental issues.

150303 Illuminati Go Green

That sounds great, but in the dream it was creepy. It was not based on a true intent and the initiative was nothing but a rotten deception. It took good causes and pure values, things that we all desire, and used them to promote something completely perverted.

I remember specifically that it was forceful. like a control unit, giving people no option. I even knew in the dream that the initiative was related to the Illuminati, and the green slides on the screen seemed to have a pyramid in the center.

So, it seems that in the name of something very good and ecofriendly, the Illuminati, or power elite, will launch something horrible through third parties. Something we will see on our screens that looks good and pleases the masses, but in reality is a tyrannical control unit with no good intentions at all. So what could it be?

Well, since then the pope has travelled the world, addressed both the US congress and the 70th UN general assembley, with one specific message: We need a world government to defend the earth and the climate. Say yes to save the world!

Saving the earth is fine, I don’t oppose that… but do we have to do it with corrupt elites sitting at the top pulling the strings? According to InfoWars every single one of the new carbon trade offices around the world are owned by the same elite that is orchestrating wars, wrecking our economies and destabilizing nations.

These people are not interested in saving the world at all, but rather to control all people, nations and companies. They work to set up a global government, including an individual court, to rule the world on the subject. And suddenly everything will be related to the subject. Even terrorism is now purely a product of climate change, according to attendees at the global climate conference in Paris right now.

While these kinds of serious decisions are being taken in Paris, demonstrations and criticism have been banned in France. If they can ban free speech in the name of climate change, be sure they can use it against us in so many other ways as well.

Putin has recognized this. He has recently said that man made climate change is a fraud that is used as a geo-political weapon to shut down nations and unwanted competions. The Daily Caller writes about this.

I wouldn’t mind if the Illuminati went green for real, but according to the dream it’s just a facade, a trick to sell global governance. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying the new “green” world order. Are you?

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